Password Safety

By: Noah McMonagle

Keeping your password safe

Keeping you password safe is important for many reasons. If someone gets your password they can do a lot of damage to your personal stuff. Then you should always keep your password's in a safe place so no one can find them.


Your password should be long because the longer the better. Then your password should be 8 or more characters long include letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers and use the entire keyboard not just the keys you use the most. And don't use the same password for everything change it every 3 months and avoid using 123456 or password for your password.

Giving passwords away

Never give your password to anyone. You never known who you can trust with your password. So play it safe and don't give your password to anyone. If someone asks for it just say I don't want you to have it. Because one person could ruin your profile or something worse.