Assistant Designer

By Meg Browne

Assistant Designor

  • These people usually work alongside designers to serve in apprenticeships
  • Assistant designers usually start off by following up on designer's sketches through draping, sample cutting, or sample making
  • Their first job duties would be keeping records of fabric, notions, and trim purchases, making appointments, answering telephones, and running errands
  • Once proven to be good at their job the designer might ask for their opinion on fabrics and trimmings and have the assistant designer visit stores and fashion shows to keep up on the tends
  • They will eventually be asked to contribute their own ideas
  • Once the assistant establishes a reputation as a good designer, they will be able to move up as a higher level designer
  • Assistant designers work in ready-to-wear manufacturing firms or pattern companies in large cities
  • They are available in the summers during college years or as part of work-study programs
  • When applying you must present a portfolio of your own designs

By Meg Browne and Emily Rienzo