The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

Phillip Hoose

Phillip Hoose

Phillip Hoose is a American writer that wrote The Boys Who Challenged Hitler. In order to write the book, he went to Denmark, lived and interviewed with Knud Peterson, who was a member of the Churchill Club, after the war.

Was that what we had fought for? -Knud Pederson

The summary of the book

During the German occupation in Denmark in World War Two, the upset 15 years old school boy, Knud Peterson gathered his brother and a handful of schoolmates and formed the Churchill Club, which dedicated doing sabotages against Germany properties. The Churchill Club stole weapons, cut telephone wires, destroy cars, etc. Some of them ended up staying in the jail for a long time. After the occupation, they met Mr. Churchill, whose name was used in the club's name.
The Boys Who Challenged Hitler by Phillip Hoose

Why we chose this video?

This specific video was Knud Peterson talking about the story of the Churchill Club himself. The video has a perfect length, it is about two minutes, and you can get a brief view on the book.