My favorite Super Bowl Commercial

By: Derek Alvarez

SuperBowl 50

Super Bowl 50 Is here and you know what that means funny commercials. There are so many good and funny commercials that are on TV and some of them will make you laugh.

My Commercial

For my favorite Commercial is the "Skittles Portrait" it s a funny commercial and and it will make you laugh. The audience of this commercial is everyone who loves good candy. This commercial makes me want to buy skittles

Skittles Portrait

Skittles: "The Portrait" w/ Steven Tyler. Super Bowl 50 Commercial.

This is the commercial

What is the commercial about

Its about a guy, Steven Tyler, who these men make a portrait of him but with skittles. But the weird part of the commercial is the Skittles portrait starts to talk. after they both meet Steven Tyler ask the portrait to sing so it sings higher then higher until it exploded and all that was left was the mouth and it keep talking