ATLAS School Safety Reminders

Based on Feedback from 1/8/16 Lockdown

Communication Tips with Command Center and Police Department

  1. Send email to both and with the following:
  • Within the SUBJECT line:
  • --state your classroom number and the color status of the occupants in your room
  • ----Ex. Rm. 50 Green
  • Within the BODY of the email:
  • ----state any missing students and their location, if known
  • ----If color is anything other than green, state details
  • ------Yellow examples might include: Diabetic student, student bumped head, etc.
  • ------Red examples might include: Desk fell on students bleeding won't stop, student having seizure, student fainted and labored breathing, etc.

2. Stay close and monitor email via ipad, computer, or phone

  • If there are questions about your status or further announcements that need to be made they cold be done via email. They could also be done via room intercom, phone intercom, or text message.
3. Placards are only used in SOFT lockdowns. Use placards in back of flip charts not construction paper.

Please be reminded if your blinds don't close or the cord is too short to reach, a work order needs to be placed by Peggy.

General Tips for Lockdown Drill Success

  • Keep students quiet. If soft lockdown instruction can continue.
  • Turn off lights. If soft lockdown lights can be on.
  • Keep students away from doors and windows. If soft lockdown this does not apply.
  • Make sure doors are locked and PULLED shut.
  • If in a SOFT lockdown, place appropriate placard from safety flipchart in window.

Thanks for keeping our schools safe,

Officers Padilla, MacLellan, and Principal Duston

A follow up lockdown drill will be conducted in the near future to assess the corrections from the previous lockdown.