Pershing K-8 Library Loop

September 2021

Welcome Back!

Pershing's staff has been working to get as many students back into the library as we can, and that makes for very happy library staff members. Students will be able to come check out books on a flexible schedule as needed, but we will also have the following fixed schedule:

  • Elementary classes come for stories and library skill lessons on Fridays.
  • 6th graders come for library mini-lessons or book talks AND they get to check out books on every other Tuesday.
  • 7th graders come for library mini-lessons or book talks AND they get to check out books on every other Thursday.
  • 8th grade classes will be coming weekly for lessons and checkout times.

Our library theme for the first two weeks of school is "Find Your Happily Ever After". Read more below about filling in a library map for a chance to win a Scholastic Book Fair gift certificate.

The theme for September will be "Paws for Books", and we will be showcasing stories about animals in general and pets in particular.

Club Nerd Herd

Every Tuesday, beginning September 7, the library will be open early for D&D groups, artists, readers, writers, and coders. Join your fellow nerds at 7:30 before school each Tuesday!

Scholastic Book Fair is Coming!

We were only allowed to do virtual book fairs last year, so we're really excited to get to do live ones this year! The first Book Fair of the school year will run during the week of September 20th. We WILL be open during Open House on September 21st. The theme for the Book Fair is "Paws for Books".

Win a $10 Gift Certificate to the Book Fair

Fill in a library map sheet for a chance to win a gift certificate to the Book Fair in September. Five entries will be chosen from those sheets that have been completed and returned to the library.

You can pick up a copy of the map at the library, or you can download a copy from your Pershing Library Canvas page and print your own. We will take entries until Friday, September 3rd.

Books in the "Dog House"

The last week of September is Banned Books Week, so for the month of September we will display books currently in our library that have been challenged in years past.

To go along with our "Paws for Books" theme for September, we will also have a display of books that staff and parents think should be in the dog house for various reasons. Students are encouraged to read our "dog house" books and write a short statement about why those books shouldn't have to stay in the dog house. Every time a student reads one of the "dog house" books and turns in a card, they will get to choose a pet-themed prize.

2021-2022 Readers Award Nominees