Student Data Portfolio

Swartz Creek Academy Student Compliance Forms : 2016 - 2017

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S.T.A.R. = Students Taking Academic Responsibility

Our students are Exemplary !

We believe in our students !

We empower our students with Accountability !

We believe in a Culture of Learning, in school and Life !

The forms below are in alignment in keeping with that standard.

Mr. Thompson

Dean of Students

Items in the Student Data Portfolio

  • Pizza Box
  • Binder
  • Transcript
  • Schedule
  • Graduation Plan - Done Do Decree
  • Yearly Course Schedule - Trimester 1-2-3
  • Daily Accountability Form (Mentor Instructional Time Form)
  • Monthly Record of Logins and Attendance
  • Weekly Hour Chart (25 Per Week)
  • Course Progress Data Chart
  • Weekly Student / Mentor Data Meeting
  • Time Management Database
  • Citizenship Log
  • Contract
  • Student Led Conference
  • EDP - Education Development Plan
  • STAR Testing
  • State MEAP / SAT Testing
  • Odysseyware / School Log in
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  • OLOT - Online Learning Orientation Tool
  • Senior Exit Interview
  • Essay
  • Online Readiness Survey
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Student Led Evaluation

Each Student will complete the

Student Led Evaluation

Parent / Guardian : Teacher Conference


This is a meeting in which the Student leads the evaluation with specific data.

My Pizza Box

Pizza Box is labeled with students name.

A brilliant box to put in

  • Student Data Portfolio
  • Pen

My Binder

Binder with 3 ring for
  • All paperwork

My Student Transcript

Each student will
  • Have a copy of their updated schedule
  • Mentor / main office has a copy
  • Use this for the Graduation Plan
  • Minimum of 20 credits in the CORE to graduate.
  • Michigan Merit Curriculum plus 4 elective credits
  • Link below to Michigan Department of Education High School Requirements

My Class / Course Schedule

Student Class / Course Schedule
  • Classes
  • Teachers
  • Rooms
  • Times

Students can acquire these from their Mentor

My Graduation Plan - Done Do Decree - Graduation Requirements

A system of

  • Taking all the students existing credits (DONE)
  • Identifying credits to complete (DO)
  • When courses will be taken (DECREE)

My Yearly Course Schedule

Taking the existing credits to DO and creating a yearly plan.

My Daily Accountability

Every Day a student must

  • Be accountable of attendance
  • Daily work

My Monthly Accountabilty

Every day student will

  • Mark day see Mentor / or Email
  • Mark Log in Dates

Weekly Hour Chart (25 Hours Per week)

Every Student will

  • Keep a record of hours (Mentor will give times until student has access in Odysseyware)
  • Logged in to Odysseyware
  • In house classes (one hour)

My Course Progress Data Chart

Every Week Student...

  • Marks weekly;y progress of each course

Weekly Student / Mentor Data Meeting

Every Student will...

  • Meet with Mentor
  • On a weekly scheduled time
  • Show Data Portfolio

My Time Management Database

Every Student

  • Identifies the daily schedule of time
  • Every student is expected to log in 25 hours per week.
  • In house classes count as 1 hour.

My Volunteer / Citizenship / Work Service Experience Log

Every Student has the opportunity to earn credit.

  • Every 70 hours = .25 credit
  • Hours logged for Job / Intern / Volunteer

My Contract

Every Student will take full responsibility for their education.

EDP - Education Development Plan

All Students will

  • Complete the yearly EDP process

STAR testing

Each student will

  • Complete the STAR testing minimum of 3 times per year.

State Testing MEAP / SAT

Every Student will

  • Take the required MEAP / ACT testing

Computer & Odysseyware Login

Each Student

  • Keep a log of passwords

7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens - Workbook

Each Student will

  • Complete the Workbook
  • Recite the 7 habits
  • Embody them

OLOT - Online Learning Orientation Tool

Every Student will

Complete the modules of the Orientation tool.

Senior Exit Interview

All Seniors must

  • complete the Senior Exit interview
  • Specifics on webpage

Enrollment Forms

My Essay Questions

Each Student will

  • Complete an essay will specific questions

My Online Readiness Survey

Each Student will

  • Complete the online readiness Survey

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