Save The Energy!

Why is it important to save energy

Why Saving Energy is Important

Some benefits from saving energy is that you can have a short electricity bill and some company do a rewards system if you save that amount of energy. Saving energy helps the environment by giving out less pollution; fewer plants and animals will die while saving energy. Energy saving can impact the saving of resources by making greenhouse gas go down (pollution).

Saving Energy at home

You can save energy at home by turning off the lights when you leave, wash a full load of dishes or laundry. Or you can unplug all the things you are not using. You can buy a robot that can do it for you.

Saving energy at school

Saving energy at school is easy some things you can do is make your tablet go to sleep, and if your teacher leaves with you, you can ask if you can turn off the lights, also if your mom works their as a teacher you can as the if you can lock the door. you can also take the school bus so a lot of the cars don't pollute the Earth

Save energy in the community

You can save energy in the community by using less lights, turning off water when you don't need it, using public transportation, set the thermostat a few degrees lower use energy saving light-bulbs, and you can take less hot showers.