United States

Courtney Garner and Makayla Ward


Continent-North America

Nearest Ocean and Other Countries-Altantic and Pacific/ Mexico, South America, Canada

Capital and Major Cities-Washington DC, NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago

Size-3,806 million mi sqaured

Landforms- Rivers, Plain, Islands, Moutains,Canyons, Deltas, Deserts,Capes,Glaciers,Icefields

NAtural Resources- Coal,Copper,Lead,Molybdenum,Phosphates,Rare earth elements,Uranium,Baurite,Gold,Iron,Mercury,Nickel,Potash,Silver,Tungsten,Zinc,Petroleum,Natural Gas,Timber


Major Industries-Factories, Construction workers

Trade-Import goods, toy oil, Machines



Present Type Of Government-Fenderal Republic

Head of Government-Obama

Military-75,000 soldiers, and alot of tech

Foreign-Europe, Israel,Gulf countries, Japan, South Korea and emines China,Iran,North Korea, Russia,Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria and more


Current Events- won the cold war, lost Afangisda, 9/11, Bush, Nixion

Social Structions

Class System-First,Middle,Lower classes

Religion-Most are Christians

Ethnic Groups-White American,Black African American, Native American and Alaska NAtive, Asia American, Natice Hawaiian

Life Expectancy-78 years


Education-public and private/ go to k-12

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