Interactive Technology

Implemented Into Curriculum

Main Technology Used Included:

  • SMART Technologies LightRaise Projector
  • iPads (1:1)
  • Laptops (1:1)


  • Implement Technology with Enhanced Interactivity*
  • Identify if technology increases student learning

What was learned?

When implemented properly and taught with enhanced interactive technology, it was concluded there is slight increase in student learning. One large take away from this research is that integrating technology into the classroom would not be beneficial unless you are going to spend appropriate time, energy, and money on professional development of the teachers whom are using it. If they are not teaching in an enhanced way Glover, Miller, Averis, and Door (2007) and truly incorporating it into their curricula, then it would be considered a wasted investment.

Impact on the Future

As technology moves at a faster pace than professional development, I fear the educator will always be a few steps behind, leading to constant frustration. However, the dedicated educator looking to be a lifetime learner will take advantage of necessary trainings and accept ongoing advice to better their practice and truly incorporate the technology into their classroom. More research is needed in this area if schools are going to continue to budget for large technology purchases. I was happy to pilot a new technology for my district and enjoyed presenting my findings to the school board. We are now utilizing technology experts within our district to provide technology trainings for staff.