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Secret Ingredients

Marcia Kishs' Secret Ingredients to Blended Learning

What are the "Secret Ingredients to Creating a Blended Learning Classroom?" Over the last four years, Marcia has helped schools create blended learning environments from the ground up. She has been keeping track of the success stories and opportunities to make improvements. Read more about how to start and create your blended learning environment through our daily Blending Blog.

Pace, Path, and Place The Secret Ingredients to Blended Learning

Pace, Path, and Place need to be present in a classroom in order to be concerned a blended learning environment. Students need to be:

  • Working at their own pace to achieve the learning objective
  • Working in a place that best fits their learning needs
  • Working towards mastering the objectives through a learning path that fits their needs

Just because a classroom is implementing technology it does not mean that they are blending. The three P's must be present during each learning experience, all while using DATA to drive the learning targets and goals.

Attention Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff

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Blended Learning Coach, Marcia Kish

Marcia Kish has been providing Blended Learning Coaching to schools across the country for the last four years. With a total of 16 years in education, Marcia has worked as Technology Teacher, Classroom Teachers, Professional Development Coordinator, and helped to start a Blended Learning High School. She has presented at the Ohio Education Technology Conference, ISTE, CUE, SITE, EdCampus, Google Summit, The Blend EdConference, and the Ohio Innovations Learning Environments in 2014 and 2015