Middle School Weekly Update

October 22, 2018

Great Things Happening in the Middle School....

  • Grade 6 Science Curriculum Data Team Meeting members met to look at A-Z Science. It was a great discussion and collaboration of teachers.
  • Grade 6 History Curriculum Data Team Meeting members met and discussed lessons and what is happening in class. Great job!
  • Grade 8 ELA Curriculum Data Team Meeting members met each having a slide with data to discuss what they are seeing in their individual classrooms. They came prepared and ready to discuss what they see overall. Awesome job being prepared and ready to talk and share!!

Data Team Meeting Requirements:

Tuesday & Thursday: ­ Data Team Meetings

  • All teachers on the team required to attend each meeting.
  • Meetings to be held each Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Record sessions in BB Collaborate or TEAMS
  • Discuss student concerns using various data points
  • Assign interventions for students struggling in the classroom
  • MTSS leadership team members will join meetings to offer intervention ideas to work with students who are struggling in the classroom. If he/she cannot join, he/she will view the recording and email suggestions.

Wednesday & Friday: Curriculum Meeting

  • All curriculum teachers are required to attend each meeting.
  • Meetings held each Wednesday and Friday.
  • Record each session in Collaborate or TEAMS
  • Teachers who teach common content within grade levels will meet to plan weekly instruction.
  • Throughout each class students will be different but the goal will all be the same, ensure that all students master the common unit assessment. While the pacing may be a bit different, along with the delivery mode, the learning targets should be aligned to meet the common goal of the unit assessment.
  • Together, teachers should be examining results of common unit assessments, formative assessments, and CDT data to determine if students are learning standards, if content may need to be retaught, and sharing effective teaching practices.
  • If one teacher has had great success teaching a concept, and another teacher’s students struggled with the same concept, there should be an examination of how each teacher taught that concept, to identify what worked.
  • Curriculum coordinators and instructional coaches will attend meetings with teams to discuss instruction, curriculum frameworks and outcomes during these meeting times. All teachers are required and expected to attend to give input.
Big picture

Reminder about report cards this year:

Due to an issue with Sapphire, we need to continue with the same process for report cards this year.

The official report card will be at the end of the first semester and the end of the second semester.

The 1st and 3rd quarter report will be a progress report for the year. They will not be "official" report card periods.

Dates to Remember:

October 23: Bridget out of the office for Principal/Director meeting; Red Ribbon Week

October 24: Heather and Bridget out of the office for Leadership meeting

October 26: Afternoon PD

October 29: Asynchronous day for all students