Ditigal Citizenship Project

By: Naia Shoemaker p.2

Rule #1 Information Privacy

THINK before you text, Skype or even trust one of your friends into talking to strangers, those strangers can easily steal your information,

Rule #2 Digital Etiquette

stay calm when you get angry. Simply just get up and walk away

Rule #3 Social Networking

You can't stay protected behind your computer screen all the time. You will eventually get caught.

Rule #4 Plagiarism

Never take or steal someone else's work and not give them credit for it. This is called copyright.

Rule #5 Cyber-Bullying

Lots of people can be bullied on the internet, this can cause depression or even nausea

Rule #6 Online Safety

Some people who start arguments are often vulnerable to lots of other people who actually search and try to start arguments/fire walls

Rule #7 Copyright

Its illegal to copy someone else's work but there is a time limit to it
Big image
This is the Copyright-logo then you can tell if something is coptyright

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is like Social Networkng in a way. The reason I say this is because they both mean you need to be nice to people on the internet. People think if you take a picture off the internet and not post it the owner won't notice. But, what they don't know is that you will eventually get caught by the owner because they can look back at that picture and see if anyone has taken it. It is very nessecary for everyone to understand the postive side of Ditigal Citizenship becuase if you don't, for example, you are very angry and want to blame someone you don't even know on something they didn't even do, but you need to think TWICE before you post.