Travel Guide to Earth

come to planet earth

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Niagara falls

You should come to Niagara Falls, you could see a beautiful site and a fun vacation. But safety first watch out for water that could hurt you and be careful boating . Also watch on the way there so you don't miss some pretty sites! Make sure to bring a rain coat because if you get wet it wont be that much fun. Bring a camera too so you don't forget your trip there all though you wont forget you trip! and make sure to visit Mount Fuji and the Sahara Desert while you are on earth

more suggestions about places you should visit

sahara desert

Do you want to see a beautiful place? If so visit the Sahara Desert! the Sahara has many cactus-es that are beautiful. But watch out for the snakes and scorpions they are deadly. make sure to bring comfortable shoes, lots of water, sun block and sun glasses!

one more place you should visit is ...........


Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan! But if you climb it you have to be very careful that you don't fall cause you will die, Make sure your gear is safe and then you will have a beautiful climb. Make sure to bring sun glasses , ropes and a harness.

How to divide the earth

the large oceans divided the earth a long time ago bye the earths plants shifting and hiting each other
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