Thursday Brief

January 31, 2019

February is Black History Month

Please see the link below for what we have planned this month! Thank you to Ms. Evans and Mr. Jackson for your help with this. And thank you to Ms. DeLeon and Ms. Buttler for the awesome display! There is a lot to read and learn there.
Black History Month Resources

Thank you Ms. Evans for putting this together!!!!

Friday, February 1st is World Read Aloud Day!

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. The emphasis is really on literally Reading Out Loud.

I will be reading a book on announcements that day to celebrates the beginning of Black History month. After I read a book we will end with an astronaut reading a book from space! (If you enjoy that experience click on that link in the resources because there are many more).

There are other great idea below as well. Thank you to Mrs. Alvarado and Mrs. Debler for the ideas!

· If you’re on social media use this hashtag to tweet your events for this day

    • #WorldReadAloudDay

· This is a cool link if you want to sign up and actually connect for skype lessons.

· There is a great website that features actors reading picture books which would pair well with World Read Aloud day

· This is the site where the austonauts reads books from space.

This site has a lot of links for students to tell their own stories...may also be cool for Writer's Tea....

· This would also be a great day to read one of the Hornet Nominee books that Mrs. Browning has chosen.

    • SCIENCE TEACHERS there are some that are science related!

Enjoy World Read Aloud Day!

Dismissal Time

DO NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM BEFORE THE FIRST BELL. Our school day is not over until 3:03. The bell signals when you can start heading out.

From Mrs. Villarreal

  1. Teachers, please remember to enter in the data from the RtI meetings, print out the forms from DMAC, and have the parent sign the last page. I will keep a copy in my office. Also, don’t just include notes, actually chart the skill you are working on during tutoring or small group intervention. If you need help, Dr. Youngberg is more than happy to do it with you! Just make an appointment with her.
  2. STAAR accommodation sheets are in my classroom. Remember there has to be an academic need for the accommodation and the parent needs to be made aware of this. Let me know if you need a form. Mrs. Hoover also has them.
  3. Please invite me to your Rti meetings or another administrator so that we can help with any questions a parent may have regarding accommodations or testing.
  4. I have received many ADHD forms lately. Please try to complete them as soon as you get them so I can fax them from all teachers in the pod. Also, I would appreciate it if you could get the doctor’s phone number. This will help expedite things.
  5. Send me the names of students that can benefit from attending TEST ANXIETY groups. I would like to start these next week during lunch.
  6. Our Anchored 4 Life TLC is working on a positive character quote project to lift the spirits of our students and staff. The notes are on bright colored paper and are just way of encouraging our students.
  7. The counseling guidance schedule may change a little during the next few months due to TELPAS testing and GT Testing. I will send out emails regarding this.
  8. Finally, please start sending me the name and homeroom teacher for those students you would like to GT test. I will test in all areas unless you tell me otherwise. Referrals should include students that are on the honor roll and can handle testing for two days. Remember they will be out of your room for two days, so they will miss assignments as well. ***GT TEACHERS…I WILL WORK ON YOUR LISTS AT A LATER DATE**

From Mrs. Hoover

  • LPAC information is due today on tab 5.
  • Writing accommodations list will be going out by next Monday. Please look over and any changes need to be made by February 6th.
  • TELPAS training will be held in the new library Monday afternoon. Invitations have already been sent out.
  • TELPAS writing calibration day is set for February 19th. A schedule will be sent out of the times.
  • STAAR accommodations (testing accommodations) can only be provided if the student is using them routinely in class.

    RTI testing accommodations must have an RTI plan attached.

From Mrs. Cristan

  • If you have any fabric in your room, I MUST have a form on file stating when you flame proofed your material. It only has to be treated once.
  • Please submit your Flame Proof forms to me by February 8th.
  • Place form in envelope outside of my office door and please highlight your name to verify that it was submitted.

To-Do’s before a Dyslexia, Sped, or 504 referral can be processed:

  • Please make sure that all of your interventions, reading levels, RR lab info, Math lab info, tutorials, discipline plans/interventions, accommodation successes, progress, lack of progress are entered in RTI.
  • We have to print out all of this information – it is part of the referral process for each program listed above.
  • Once the parent gives consent to begin evaluation process, we have 45 days to complete the evaluation and report to the parent the eligibility status.

** Suggestion- On a weekly basis designate a day of the week in which your POD members get together

to enter RTI information on monitored students as a team.

RTI...hmmmm I see a theme here....

I know we didn't have the best RTI training this year, but really it hasn't changed much. Also, if you need help with RTI, I have always been more than happy to sit with you and actually complete the plans. So....please pay attention to the important references below from my administrative team. RTI affects all of us in many different ways and we REALLY REALLY need you as teachers to do your part-it's very important. Also, do not let the paperwork of RTI stand in the way of a student getting the services and accommodations they need. It is a pain, but it is REQUIRED BY LAW. Thank you so much for helping our students while also doing what we need to do where paperwork is concerned. I also attached the basic procedures and the video....while the video doesn't have sound you can still see what you need to do step by step...or again let me know and I will be happy to help! really :)
Big picture
RTI Video Step by Step

sorry no sound but you can still follow along and see what steps need to be completed.

Relay for Life Elementary Fundraising

  • Luncheons with $5 donations as we have in the past.
  • We would also like to do the $5 jean Mondays with team shirts (start January 28). Pay Barnec
  • February 8th. Donation of 100 cents for the 100th day of school from students. (free dress pass)
  • Week BEFORE Relay (due to writing test week of Relay)-Fun Dress Day $1 per day



  • Phone number: 1-800-227-2345



THANK YOU MRS. JONES, MRS. FORDYCE, MRS. ELLIOTT, AND MRS. TWEDDLE!!!!! Come on, who else would like to have some fun on a Saturday and volunteer at UIL???????

February Birthdays!

Feb 01 Veronica Cristan

Feb 04 Nadine Grabowske

Feb 18 Tia Skyes

Feb 25 Ariel Evans

Feb 25 Nikol Youngberg


1 World Read Aloud Day


5 3rd Class Pictures

5 Superintendent Profile Teacher Input Meeting 3:30 p.m. Library

6 4th Class Pictures & Counselor Appreciation Day

8 100th Day of School (collect 100cent donations and give to Barnec)

Maclovio Perez visits 4th grade

9 UIL Competition in G-P (Volunteer!)