Week of February 24, 2014

In room 34


A Trip to the Emergency Room



serious, personal, informs, heal, aid


irregular verbs

book titles


oo, ue, ew, words

spoon, few, true

Reading skill and strategy

Identify sequence of events

analyze text structure

High-frequency words

follow, near, paper

Read Aloud

Biographies of famous people throughout history


Double Digit Addition and Problem Solving Strategies


Simple Machines

Social Studies

Family History

Rocket Math

Our class is beginning a routine called Rocket Math in order to practice our fluency with our basic addition and subtraction facts. Students will have one minute to answer 40 items. They must answer all 40 items correct in order to pass on to the next level. Each level introduces 6 new facts, which are listed in small print at the top of each test. After the students show that they have mastered addition they will move on to subtraction and possibly multiplication. This is a simple 5minute routine that our class will perform most days of the week. I will be sending home the Rocket Math test in the Friday folders. They will be labeled "Good Try" or stamped when passed. If your child is struggling to pass the tests, please access this website:


Here you will find what they call "spaceship math" worksheets that you can print at home for practice. There are a few versions of each test so mix it up for your student.

If you find that your student seems to be "stuck" on a certain level. Use flashcards to practice the six new facts listed at the top of the test. Then try the test again after those six new facts are mastered.

Upcoming Events

2nd grade performance ...... March 7th @9am

Please come watch our 2nd graders perform at 9 am immediately after the Friday assembly.

Parent Teacher Conferences March 10-14

It is time to sign up for your parent teacher conference. I am looking forward to connecting with you and celebrating your student successes! Please go to following webpage: