Texting and driving will kill you

By Karina and Daisy

Reaching teens who text and drive

Since 2010 Text Kills has crisscrossed the Unites States in a yellow bus. It plans to visit more than 30 high schools before the end of the year. The goal is to reach the 25 percent of teens who admit to sending or receiving at least one text while driving.

Text Kills Mission

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 11 percent of all drivers under age 20 who are killed in car crashes were distracted when the crash happened. Twenty-one percent were distracted by cellphones.

"Texting and Driving is now the No 1 killer of U.S. Teens"

"Over the last three years we've heard stories from kids and parents who have lost loved ones" Wayne Ivring

Texts Kills App

“I was already frustrated at how addicted to texting my daughter was,” said the San Clemente, Calif., father of four. At the time, he had just learned a grim fact: More than 7,000 Americans had died from texting and driving during the previous year.

Instead of just signing the required slip of paper, Irving decided to try to change things. In 2009 he began work on a smartphone app to help solve the problem of texting while driving. That app, which he called Text Kills, has then grown into a nonprofit company.