gloves love hats heart.

please help to give hats

Collection Dates: January 5 -February 9

Reasons why everybody should wear gloves and hats.

gloves keep our hands warm and keeps your hands from a frost bite or cracking. Also the part of your body that is most exposed to elements.

Reasons why you should wear a hat in winter.

Hats protect ears in the first 10 minutes. also you lose more heat through your head than the rest of your body

our goal .

Brookveiw's goal is to donate 1,000 hats and gloves

Teacher contact info

La'kia moore scott


Brookveiw Elementry

Melinda pinner

My name is Jurnee and i am apart of the third grade project gloves for love and hats from the heart.

why are we doing it. we are doing this to give back and help you we can change the world.

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