American- Chinese Interpreter

What just is an American-Chinese Interpreter?

An American-Chinese interpreter converts real-time speech into or from Chinese to English. Knowing both languages helps legal, medical, business or personal communications between two or more people.


The BLS reported that being fluent in both English and Chinese is essential for English-Chinese interpreters, but education standards vary for each employer. A bachelor's degree is often required. English-Chinese interpreters can earn bachelor's degrees in linguistics, interpretation, Chinese. There are programs offered for linguistics. A master's degree may be needed. Some employers also prefer to hire English-Chinese interpreters with several years' experience, which may be formal or informal, gained through volunteer activities with humanitarian organizations or tourist guide companies. It is often very important fpr English-Chinese interpreters to spend ample time in China and English-speaking countries. This lets the interpreter absorb both cultures and have direct communication with native speakers. It is also high recommended that the interpreter reads books and other literature in English and Chinese to help improve their skills.

College Oppurtunities

Brigham Young University

Mississippi College

Travel Much? Danger Lurking? Advantages?

For starters, knowing the basic geography of Asia will help for traveling purposes. Next, danger is not high depending on where you are in Asia. Being an interpreter will help you solve problems, not start them. Finally, I believe there are many advantages to being an interpreter. First, you can help people, and make friends along the way. You learn new things, and are able to navigate much better. Lastly, you can go sightseeing, and not worry about saying, "I am hungry."


The base salary for an interpreter is around $40,000 through $45,000.