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Welcome to Big Fish Wellness and the World of Essential Oils :o)

Congratulations on making the first step in taking control of your healthcare! At Big Fish Wellness we have a vision of putting a healer in every home, bringing the power back into the individual with the right tools and knowledge needed to embark on a truly natural wellness journey that simply makes sense in today's world.

Too often we see people struggling for answers to the same common questions: How can I get better sleep, how to I curb bad food cravings, how can I prevent a doctors visit or being out of work, or even just get through my day easier without the use of synthetic over the counter medications?

Essential oils are an invaluable tool to help you everyday, considering you know how to use them. It seems this is where people get lost, in the actual instruction of how to implement these oils, and when, in order to receive the most benefit. To fix this problem, we've compiled a one-stop-shop for the basics on your Family Physician Kit! Now, we're talking about the human body, which is quite a complicated organism, so of course there may be some things that work better than others, but c'mon! You know it's fun to experiment! So long as you know the safety behind proper usage, (which we have covered for you, along with some great resources, in a separate flyer) you are now equipped with what you need to make a positive change in your life :o)

Listed here are the oils you should have received and the facts you want to know about each. Give them a try! Add your favorites to your 5/8 dram sample bottles to carry along with you throughout the day for answers at your convenience :o) Happy Oiling!!

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Home Essentials Enrollment Kit: $275

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-15ml bottles of: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Melaleuca, Oregano, OnGuard, Breathe, Deep Blue(5ml) and DigestZen

-2 or 4hr time-set Diffuser! ($65 retail!)

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Frankincense: 15ml $93 retail

"When in doubt, Frankincense! I use this oil all day long and especially with meditation"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-3 drops in the hands, inhale deeply

-Apply to the back of the neck, chest, forehead, temples, wrists and top of the head

---->GREAT to use before yoga

-Eases tension, supplies oxygen to the brain

-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks

---->Apply directly to areas of concern

-Promotes cellular health

-Apply to the bottoms of feet for a grounding effect

*Use this oil when you wake up - 3 drops on bottoms of each foot (esp. the big toe) to feel a sense of control all day long, and around the head as you set the day's intentions.

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Melaleuca: 15ml $25.33 retail

"Melaleuca is awesome as an anti- fungal. I can't deny it's cleansing abilities"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-Renowned for it's cleansing and rejuvenating effects on the skin

-Great for maintaining oral health

-Add a few drops to face wash, body wash

---->try with Dr. Bronner's castile soaps (Vitamin Shoppe)

-Help with occasional ear discomfort

---->Add 1 drop to cotton ball and sleep with it sitting in the ear

-Promotes healthy immune function

-Protects against environmental and seasonal threats

*Use 1-2 drops of oil with 1oz water as a mouth rinse after brushing, follow with Peppermint or OnGuard if you don't love the taste.

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Peppermint: 15ml $27.33

"I often drop peppermint right into my mouth to freshen my breath and open my airways, as I don't use gum or mints anymore"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA video

-Drop one drop in the mouth as a breath freshener (beadlets $15.33)

*used in toothpaste and gum for oral health

-Known to aid in relief of mild pain in the body (cooling)

-*diliute with FCO for sensitive skin, apply to areas of concern

*Add 1-2 drops to 1oz water after rinsing with melaleuca to freshen breath in the morning. This will help wake you up and breathe clearer throughout the day.

Wild Orange:15ml $14.00

"Wild Orange is my favorite to diffuse, it just brings about a very joyful and child-like atmosphere"

Product Information Page

-Add 2-3 drops to water for a refreshing and cleansing flavor

-Protects against environmental and seasonal threats

-Energizing and revitalizing to the mind and body

-Rub 2-3 drops in hands and inhale deeply covering the nose and mouth

-Powerful cleanser and purifying agent

-Immune enhancing benefits

*Add 6 or so drops to the diffuser, add peppermint (or frankincense, or both!)

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Lemon: 15ml $13.33 retail

"Lemon in my water helped me completely kick all sodas and juices from my diet. Best move I ever made for my health"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA video

-Add 2-3 drops into a glass water bottle

-Known as a powerful aromatic and internal cleanser

-Diffuse throughout the day to uplift mood

-Can be used throughout the home as a non-toxic cleanser

---->Add 8 drops to a 2oz glass pray bottle to disinfect counters and hard surfaces

*Add 3 drops to 8-16oz *warm* water every morning as a gentle way to wake up your entire body. Use in water throughout the day as a gentle detoxifier.

Slim & Sassy: 15ml $32.67 retail

***Earn a FREE 15ml Slim & Sassy when you choose to enroll as a wellness advocate for wholesale pricing! Just $35 for the year entitles you to 25% off all products, plus free product, reimbursed shipping and much more!!

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Metabolic Blend:

"No joke, I lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks on this stuff. Normal weight: 120lbs, start weight 134lbs, end weight 108lbs. This diet also included other oils to help me eat better and work out more efficiently- I LOVE dōTERRA because I feel in total control with their products!

Product Info Page


-10-day Slim Down Protocol! 5 drops in 24oz of water 5 times daily (10 days, 250 drops)

-Drink in glass daily to maintain proper metabolic function

-Dilute with FCO, apply to problem areas to help with cellulite

---->May cause photosensitivity when applying topically, avoid sunlight for 12 hours

-Helps curb food cravings

*4 drops in 16oz glass of water 20 minutes before meals helps portion control and supports metabolic function. Try 4 drops under the tongue while drinking warm lemon water in the morning to jump-start metabolism.

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DigestZen: 15ml $41.33 retail

Digestive Blend

"This is the life-saver oil. We all know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be when we're out and our stomach hurts, this, boys and girls, will answer your prayers"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-Rub 3-5 drops on belly and inhale from hands deeply

-Soothes occasional stomach upset

-Maintains a healthy gastrointestinal track

-Add 2-3 drops to 8oz glass of water

-Aids in digestion of foods

*Rub a few drops on your belly after large meals to help support digestion. Helps with gas, bloating, upset stomach, constipation and diarrhea.

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On Guard: 15ml $42.67 retail

Protective Blend

"I'm always using this as my 'ew, that was gross' go-to. It's a must-have with any public transportation"

Product Info Page

-3 drops in the hands, rub together and inhale deeply

-Protects against environmental threats

-Apply 4-6 drops to the bottoms of feet (day or night)

-Add 1 drop to 1 oz water after brushing and gargle (beadlets $20)

-Supports proper immune function

-Safe for use on countertops and surfaces as a non-toxic cleaner

*Use a few drops on hands throughout the day as a natural hand sanitizer. Rub 4-6 drops on the bottoms of feet before bed to boost the immune system.

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Breathe: 15ml $26.67 retail

Respiratory Blend

"All of my friends and I use this before we work out, it's also great for when I feel like I need to take a deep breath"

Product Info Page

-Use 3-4 drops over lungs to open up airways

---->For sensitive skin, prep chest and back with 5-6 drops FCO

-3 drops in the hands and breathe deeply (inhaler style)

-Supports overall respiratory health

*Apply 3-4 drops mixed with 6-8 drops FCO on the chest and back before workouts to help increase oxygen flow through the entire body.

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Deep Blue: 5ml $42.67 retail

Soothing Blend

"Everyone loves Deep Blue. It's really cooling for those common aches and pains everyone deals with"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-Apply 4-10 drops to areas of concern

-Soothes sore muscles and achy joints

-Supports healthy circulation

*Apply 4-6 drops topically over areas of concern before and after workouts, and before bed to help ease pain. Feel free to add FCO for larger areas to make spreading across the skin easier.

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Lavender: 15ml $28 retail

"This oil taught me how awesome oils are in general. What they do for you physically, they also do emotionally, so as calming and soothing as this oil is to the mind, it works just as well on the skin and nervous system"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-3 drops in the hands, rub together and inhale deeply

-Apply to the neck, forehead, and temples to ease tension and aid in stress and anxiety

-Soothes occasional skin irritations and aids in quicker recovery

-Widely known for it's calming and relaxing qualities

-Apply 4-6 drops to the bottoms of feet to aid in proper sleep

*Inhale throughout the day to ease stress and calm the central nervous system, use at night on the bottoms of feet to help fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

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Oregano: 15ml $32 retail

"If you want to be a bad-ass oil user, gargle 1 drop of oregano with 1 oz water. I bet you can't do 30 seconds. If you do, say goodbye to the pain in your throat- works like a charm"

Product Info Page

1-min dōTERRA Video

-Add 1 drop to 3 Tbsp olive oil and other spices as a great dip with bread

-3 drops on the bottoms of feet to help fight unwanted germs

---->*Dilute 1:4 with FCO for adults, 1:10 for children and sensitive skin

-Excellent source of phenolic acids and flavonoids (powerful antioxidants)

-Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function

-Used as a cleansing and disinfecting agent

*Only use oregano with extreme caution. This oil is considered "hot" and will burn your skin if used undiluted. When feeling under the weather, add 3-5 drops into an empty gel cap and take up to 3 times throughout the day. Rub 2-4 drops on the bottom of each foot before bed to help ward off illness. Do not use for longer than 10 days.

FREE 8-sample Keychain!!

The best way to use these oils is to have them on hand the second you need them. Introducing your convenient keychain! Fill your sample bottles with your favorite oils and see the immediate and dramatic effects these miraculous oils have when you need them most! May I suggest Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, OnGuard, Deep Blue, DigestZen and Breathe :o)

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-Why does quality matter?

-How can I use essential oils and supplements as natural solutions in addition or in place of the things I'm already using to care for myself and my family in safe and effective ways?

Learn how to live an active healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise and stress management in partnership with informed self care and proactive medical care.


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