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Two ships were sailing through the strait into Asia both led by the strong, brave, Ferdinand Magellan. He lost one not realizing over the excitement he had of finding the strait he had been looking for for many years. He died in battle after only part of the long voyage he set himself, and his crew to, not knowing his way back to Portugal..........come join Magellan on his journey around the world!

The Earlier Life of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in the province of Entre-Douro-e-Minho, located in Northern Portugal, in the year 1480. Not much is known about his childhood, but in 1509 Magellan started a trip to the Moluccas. There, Magellan herd about the spices in Asia. There, he would look for things like pepper, cloves, etc., to bring back to Portugal.

We're Off to Visit Asia!

On September 20, 1519 in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain Magellan set sail five ships with a total of about 250 sailors throughout all of the ships. They were headed to Asia with two years worth of supplies and riches to trade for spices when they got there.

Magellan thought that there would have to be a shorter way to get to Asia from Portugal then to sail around the bottom tip of Africa and then back the same way, which took about one and a half years there and back. He thought that the Americas were close to Asia so he decided that instead of going east to Asia he would go west to reach the top of South America, go to Asia and then continue west to get back to Portugal, completing the first known circumnavigation which he knew would give him much fame and riches.

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the exploration of south america

Magellan went to re-stock the supplies before returning to the sea in South America. He was determined to sail on the part of the ocean that Balboa did not yet explore. It was January 11, 1520 when Magellan and his crew reached present day Montevideo, which is the capital of Uruguay.

Magellan thought that he found his strait, so he sent the Santiago to explore. It took nearly two weeks for the Santiago and its crew to return and they did so with bad news. What Magellan thought was his strait to Asia was actually a very wide, dangerous river. After this they continued to head south, along the coast of what is now known as Argentina.

Along the way they found animals like they had never seen before. A crew member named Antonio Pigafetta described the new birds as "geese." We now know of these birds as penguins. The birds and seals provided enough food for the whole crew. As they went south of the equator, they were hit by cool winds and dangerous storms that banged up the ships. South of the equator the seasons are reversed making it Autumn in February.

mutiny (of the ship)

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the natives of patagonia

On the harbor of San Julian Magellan and his crew met some of the native people of the land. Pigafetta described them as giants, saying that ''The tallest of the crew only came up to their waists.'' To the crews astonishment the men were not actually giants they were just taller than most Europeans of the time.

Magellan named the natives Patagonians from the word pata meaning paw in Spanish because the animal skins on their feet made them look like they had paws for feet. These natives were actually called Tehuelches. Eventually some of the natives became friendly with the crew and let them share dinner with them and excepted their gifts. Magellan decided he wanted to take some of the Patagonians with them back to Portugal and tricked two of them into putting chains in them selves. Neither of the Patagonians survived the trip


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the final ending

Magellan believed that Cebu would be an important port for Spain and demanded that any chiefs neighboring Cebu recognize Humabon, the ruler of Cebu as their leader. One chief refused and Magellan sent men to attack his village. Another chief named Lapulapu also refused and dared Magellan to attack his village. Magellan was sure that he could defeat Lapulapu's village and Humabon supplied Magellan with 1,000 warrior's to help Magellan fight.

On April 27, Magellan led his forty-nine soldiers to attack Mactan. However, they were far out numbered and much less armed. Magellan fought hard and strong, getting wounded but continued to go. Finally Magellan could fight no more and got stabbed in the back by several spears and died.