Disney World Dream

By: Christopher Vazquez

Disney World

If I would have dream to do anything I would go to Disney World with all my friends and family and this is how I would start my day by going to the grocery store to get food for the rest of the month. When we finished we drove home with the radio on listening to some music when suddenly a voice spoke out and said that the tenth caller to call this number wins how many you want tickets for Disney World. So we waited for about 2 seconds and then we called and then it started ringing. So a we heard a voice saying that we had just won how many tickets we want to Disney World. So then we called everyone that we known all of our friends and family to tell them if they wanted to come to Disney World for free.

So we went to pick up some of my cousins and the rest we going in there on car so we picked them up and headed straight for the plane. So we were on the plane for almost a day with nothing to do but look outside the window or talk about what we might to first if we get there. Then we were almost there to Florida and having the best time of my life with all my friends and family. So then we got of the plane we all said at one finally we were at Florida. Then we all went to Disney World and once we got to the main entrance we were filled with joy.

Since Disney World was a big place we had gone different ways and some of us had gone the same way to ride the rides. Many of us wanted to ride the one where it goes upside down and spins around. We had fun riding the big ferris wheel, spinning round and round until one by one they started taking everyone off and we were at the top waiting until we got down. Once we been on almost every ride we went to go eat somewhere to take a little brak and to find somewhere to eat for the rest of the day.

Once it started getting night time we headed to see the light and fireworks they do during the night time and then saw a little theater play about Aladdin the movie but only in a play. So the play took about two hours and with the four hours remaining we went to see the light with color with all the characters from toy story and many other characters. So once that hour pass we went to go ride the rides and that took about two hours. So with only one hour remaining before the parked closed we all said good bye right after we got of the plane.

Once we we were on our way back home we talked how fun that was being at Disney World going on all the rides having the best time with my friends and family. Once we were at the airport we all got to our cars and said goodbye we stopped for a little snack at taco bell and looked at the pictures that we took while we were over there. Once we got home we all had a nice sleep and then the next day we went on with our normal lives.