Cool Bulbs

Cool Bulbs Presents Professional Service Provider is an online retailer of not just vehicle lighting innovations; we also offer lots of equally cool items for your home, shop and vehicle. I started this biz in 2000, which was sort of the early days of the Internet when, believe it or not, Amazon was still just a bookseller! I have spent my whole life in auto accessories and worked for several small and large companies in this industry before starting this site, loving what I was doing. At the time finding high performance lighting was really difficult, as most local shops didn't and still to this day don't, carry the really bright lights that off-road racers need so much in desert racing environments like Baja California. It’s not just for the enthusiast this technology is also important for your Grandmother’s Camry and your motorhome.

We started out of a tiny shop in Venice California and now we ship from Hollywood. (Sounds more exciting than it is) I love cars and trucks and motorcycles since I was a kid and this stuff has always been cool to me. If you ever have a question just call me directly. I’m usually around and I love talking about all the stuff I sell here.

I stand behind everything we sell and am always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, so let me know if you need help on the weekend installing something, or if you’re just not sure how to light up the night in your Rat Rod, I’m here to help and have decades of experience that I’m happy to share. is and expert in cutting edge vehicle lighting technology for HID lighting and accessories including aftermarket Halogen / Xenon plasma bulbs, sealed beams to H4 conversion kits, wiring harnesses and more. We also have cool accessories like carbon fiber sheets, LED flashlights, stun guns, LED fog lights, lens paint and just about anything you need in regards to auto, truck or motorcycle lighting needs. All orders are processed under our parent company name Ansaul which will appear on your credit card statement. Don't forget to visit our sister company for the latest in LED tail lightsand projector headlight technology!