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Important Dates

2/18 - District Math Night 5:30-7:30 at Lincoln Street elementary

2/19 - Immunization Exclusion Day

2/20 - Taller para padres

2/28 - Lost and Found objects would be donated

2/28 - Job Fair

2/28 - Mother/son Dance

3/13 - Father/daughter Dance

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News from some of our staff

K - We have been talking about the weather, clothing and seasons. Concepts we are covering in Bridges are: matching numbers to the number sets or ten frames, comparing sets using more, less, and equal, and adding and subtracting.

2 - In 2nd grade we are working on understanding the beat and rhythm of poetry and how to write different types of poems. During math we are finishing up a measuring unit and will start working on understanding money and three digit numbers. We will also start to learn about the culture and geography of our Hillsboro and Oregon community.

4 - In the 4th/5th grade English only class we are working on writing paragraphs from prompts that have topic sentences, evidence, and elaboration. We are exploring US and Oregon geography.

In math, 4th graders are working with fractions and decimals

5 - In the 4th/5th grade English only class we are working on writing paragraphs from prompts that have topic sentences, quoted evidence, and elaboration. In social studies, students are reading about the 13 colonies. In math, unit 3 Bridges focuses on decimals and fractions. Adopt-a-Pilot, an in class field trip, begins the second week of February. We welcome our pilot, Chris Barber from Southwest Airlines. He will help us explore aviation careers and other aspects of airports.

In math, 5th graders are using their base ten knowledge to add and subtract decimals

6 - During the month of February, we will be working on Ancient Civilizations! Our 6th graders will be teaching their classmates about the Aztecs and Incas. Dual 6th graders are diving into oceans, atmosphere and climate science unit. With this unit, we are organizing and keeping our assignments in a folder as it’s good practice for middle school.

Counselor - Classes are working on being strong problem solvers. Minter Bridge is also celebrating Kindness all month especially the week of 2/10-2/14 where we will have the Kindness Olympics. We will end the month with our college and career fair.

Specials -

PE - We have finished up our bowling unit and each student was given a coupon book from Park Lanes that includes free games of bowling! We have moved on to our basketball unit. I am so excited at the progress already being made by our students.


PTA - Thank you for attending the PTA/PAC Craft Night! And thank you to the volunteers who shared their time, talent, and supplies with the students. The annual Mother/Son and Father/Daughter events, themed Date Knight, are coming on February 28th & March 13th. See you there with your knights & ladies, princes & princesses!

PAC- Workshop for parents in Spanish. Cómo motiva el buen comportamiento. 2/20/2020 6-7:30pm at MB.

Message from the principal

Dear Families,

We are celebration kindness. Please talk to your student about different ways they can be kind to one and other.

Expect a letter by mid February with more information about our Comprehensive Sexuality Education Lessons. We will also be sharing a website that will have a calendar for you to get detailed information about each lesson and dates for implementation. These classes will start the first week of March.

If you have any questions please contact the office to make an appointment.