Come to America!

The Land of Opportunity

Discover the Land of the Free!

Get away from all that poverty and unemployment, there are plenty of jobs here! Not to mention you're FREE! Don't pass up this great opportunity for yourself and your family to start and new and better life! Get on that boat and start making your way over here! Don't be mistreated for what you believe in, America will let you have the freedom to believe in whatever you choose! Stay true to who you are in a country that allows it, Religious Persecution doesn't exist in America, don't let Britain's intrusion control your beliefs!

The Great Transcontinental Railroad!

The transcontinental railroad connects to the east coast to the west coast to make transportation easier and more efficient! Take a trip on the transcontinental railroad for the traveling, to create businesses or to meet new people! All it takes less than seven days to make the trip and is cheaper priced! What an amazing price for the abundance of opportunities it offers, not to mention that it connects to all parts of the west! What are you waiting for? Come over to America and ride the greatest construction project of this era!

Just another reason that makes America great!

now because of the Homestead Act, you have the opportunity to occupy the land for settlement if you would like to own your own land! Make sure you get here fast because the land is selling quick! Oh and did i mention it's great low price just at $10 per 160 acres? What an amazing deal! Also, if you're willing to pay $1.25 per acre, you can obtain the land after only six months of residence!

Less Indians, More land!

Our wonderful president, Andrew Jackson, made it possible for you to have access to more land than you can imagine! Discover the unsettled lands west of the Mississippi River and start your new life! Thanks to the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Cherokee, and multiple other Indian tribes, we now have access to lands inhabited by the southeastern tribes! Don't worry, we didn't get rid of the Indians completely, we helped them get to other land to settle back to their lives while you enjoy yours!

Occupy the Land we Supply!