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Hello Au Gres-Sims Families,

Whether you are jetting off, hitting the road, or staying put, Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to push the pause button on the busy schedule of the school year and to enjoy some time away. This annual school vacation period is a wonderful time to unplug, unwind, relax, and recharge for the final push of the school year. With only glimpses of the warm weather that is soon to become the norm it is hard to envision that spring is close. The signs are there, however, and the pace at which we accelerate through spring will only increase as we push to the finish line of the 21-22 school year.

I would like to encourage all of our staff, families, and students to take advantage of this time away from each other. It is tempting during this time to jam in as much as possible, to see everything, to do everything, and to return to school tired and worn out. This is no way to approach the final stretch of the school year. Instead, I wish that everyone does what they need to do to prepare to showcase the best of themselves as we approach the summer. This will look different to each person and there is no "best way". For some people this will be doing nothing, sitting around, resting, and rebounding. Personally, doing nothing only makes me more anxious and people like me need to have something to do, but not too much. Below are a couple of ideas that will stretch your mind and replenish your soul.

  1. Find AWE in nature. We live in an amazing location full of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and natural beauty. We are hearty people who choose to live in a cold weather location. Get outside and find the beauty in nature.
  2. Play a board game. Remember those things, those boxes that are cluttering your shelves and often go untouched? Pull one down, grab a friend or some family members and enjoy the company of your loved ones in a friendly competition. This will provide entertainment with others and usually some laughs!
  3. Read a book. This wouldn't be the recommendation of an educator without an encouragement to read. Reading is supposed to be fun, an opportunity to challenge the mind, to learn something new and a chance to expand possibilities. Grab a book, not because you have to, but because you want to and learn something new.
  4. Do something physical. Exercise is one of those things that kids and adults alike deprioritize when stressed. Unleash the endorphins of getting a sweat, and do it with friends to double your pleasure.
  5. Tap into your creativity. There is nothing as energizing as the creative expression of oneself. This could mean coloring, creating, building, writing, etc. Make time while you have it to make something new and enjoy the energy that pours into you.

Students, families, and staff, above all else enjoy your time over spring break. Be safe, make it your own, and return to us ready to finish the 2021-2022 school year strong.

We will see you on April 4th.

-Mr. Ming

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K-12 Principal's Update

Happy Spring Break!

I hope everyone has a relaxing break and that maybe you even get a chance to visit somewhere a little warmer! Shortly after we get back from break we will be taking our annual MSTEP/PSAT/SAT tests. Overall, testing will run for about a month, and we will start testing on Tuesday, April 12, with our 5th and 8th grade. On Wednesday, April 13, we will have a “mega” testing day in which we will be testing across the district in grades 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 11. All other grades will run a normal school day on that day in their designated classrooms. Below is a summary of tests taken by grade level.

Grade 3 and 4- MSTEP ELA/Math

Grade 5- MSTEP ELA/Math/Science/SS

Grade 6 and 7- MSTEP ELA/Math

Grade 8- MSTEP Science/SS, PSAT ELA/Math

Grade 9 and 10- PSAT ELA/Math

Grade 11-SAT ELA (with essay)/Math, MSTEP Science/SS, SAT Work Keys

With testing it also often brings a little anxiety. And although a little anxiety is okay, excessive anxiety can greatly hinder your individual success. So, what can we do to prevent test anxiety?

  1. Avoid thinking you have to get every single problem correct. Don't expect to be perfect. We all make mistakes and that's okay. Knowing you've done your best and worked hard is really all that matters, not perfection.

  2. Get the negative thoughts out of your head. If you start to have anxious or defeated thoughts, such as "I'm not good enough," "I didn't study hard enough," or "I can't do this," push those thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts. "I can do this," "I know the material," and "I studied hard," can go far in helping to manage your stress level when taking a test.

  3. Get enough sleep. A good night's sleep will help your concentration and memory.

  4. Be prepared. That means studying for the test early until you feel comfortable with the material. Don't wait until the night before. If you aren't sure how to study, ask your teacher or parent for help. Being prepared will boost your confidence, which will lessen your test anxiety. Khan Academy is a great resource to learn and practice your testing skills and help in this area.

  5. Take deep breaths. If you start to feel anxious while you're taking your test, deep breathing may be useful for reducing anxiety. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Work through each question or problem one at a time, taking a deep breath in between each one as needed. Making sure you are giving your lungs plenty of oxygen can help your focus and sense of calm.

Once again, enjoy your break and we will see you on Monday, April 4!

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From the Desk of Mrs. Socha

After we return from a much needed spring break, we will jump right into the busy season that spring always brings every school year. Individual teachers will be giving out testing information, but we do have a few major testing days where a good portion of our building will be testing. This will be followed by our spring session of NWEA testing, which will be here before you know it! In secondary, we have used our latest round of data to adjust our seminar periods, so this week secondary students began their newest seminar class. You will receive a copy of these results with report cards that will be going out this week.

For the PSAT/SAT day (April 13th), it is important that all students arrive at school on time. The same is true for the M-STEP testing dates, as no one can enter a classroom once testing has started. There are many things that you can do to help your child prepare for state testing. For those students in 3rd - 7th grade who will be taking the M-STEP (along with 8th and 11th grade for science and social studies) you can find some helpful test prep information and resources available by visiting my M-STEP information newsletter.

For high school students who are taking credit recovery classes, the first 9 week session ended last Friday, and students who still have credits to make up have started a new class this week. Information letters about credit recovery and the different options that we provide are being mailed home to parents of students that are currently in credit recovery. These were also sent home in January with the students. I highly encourage students to take advantage of the credit recovery opportunities during the school year.

I hope that all students and families have the chance to destress and take a much needed brain break for a week. We look forward to seeing everyone back on April 4th!

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The Health Department has asked us to pass along that it is never too early to start thinking about back to school shots. If you will have a new student joining AGS next year, you can get ahead of the game by scheduling your vaccinations now. See the attachment below for details.

Resources are both linked and attached as PDF files:

This week CMDHD sent out notification that the norovirus has been spreading rapidly, something that we have observed in our district. The attachment below is a factsheet produced by the Health Department to help you and your family detect the symptoms of this virus.

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Athletics Update

Batter Up! When we come back from the break, baseball and softball will go into full swing with the first games of the season. Play ball!

Next Week's Game Schedule

  • Wed. 4/6: JV Baseball HOME vs. Mio, 4pm
  • Fri. 4/8: V. Baseball & V. Softball AWAY @ Bay City All Saints, 4pm

Important Dates - April awaits us after Spring Break!

Important dates for April for the Au Gres-Sims School District.


  • MON 3/28 - FRI 4/1: Spring Break


  • WED. 4/6: 8-9a Coffee with the Superintendent (place TBD)
  • THU. 4/7: 4-6p Kindergarten and Preschool Round-up
  • FRI. 4/8: 1-4p Board of Education Spring Retreat (Elementary School, Open to Public, planning meeting)
  • WED. 4/13: 4-7p Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • MON. 4/18: 6p Board of Education Regular Meeting
  • WED. 4/20: Early Release at 1pm = ALL STUDENTS

Help Wanted at AGS

We are looking to add several community-minded members to our amazing team. If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the Au Gres-Sims staff, please check out the employment opportunities section of our website.

Job Opportunities at AGS

  • Full-time Special Education Teacher (1.0, but flexible to part time if desired by the candidate)

  • Cafeteria Worker/Cook (available immediately to complete the 21-22 school, with carryover into the 22-23 school year).

We are also always on the lookout for substitute teachers. If interested, please inquire with Mrs. Miller in the district administration office, (989) 876-7157.

The Wolverine Wake-up

Can you smell that? Yeah, that's Spring Break on its way. Say hello to sleeping in until 4 in the afternoon and going to bed at 5 a.m. the next day. Long days filled with social media use, slamming down Mountain Dew, followed up with a fistful of Funyuns are upon us. Before you check out for the week, be sure to read this week's issue. Also remember to check out the "Mystery Picture" challenge for a prize. Have a great Spring Break and we'll see you soon!

Issue 49: March 25, 2022

Staff Pet Pic of the Week

Meet Moose! This happy pooch belongs to Mrs. Hasty, our wonderful 1st/2nd grade elementary teacher.
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Family Literacy Night was WILD FUN!!

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