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June 2022

Game 24 Competition!

It was back by popular demand! Our New Brunswick Public School district wide Game 24 Competition happened in the beginning of June. Our students and staff competed to win the title of GAME 24 Champions! It was a super exciting competition with double the amount of competitors.

Object of the game:

Make the number 24 from the four numbers shown. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on the card, but use each number only once. You do not have to use all four operations.

24 Game Single Digits Tutorial

Student Competition

Across three days, students from grades 4-8 competed in a tight Game 24 competition at New Brunswick High School. On Tuesday, June 7th, the 6th graders from across the district competed.

1st place: Darwin Joyasaca Ayavaca, LNA

2nd place: Alondra Reyes Martinez, NBMS

3rd place: Ever Diaz Membreno, LNA

School Winner: Lincoln Annex

On Tuesday, June 8th, the 4th and 5th graders from across the district competed.

1st place: Andrea Reyes Martinez, RD

2nd place: Diego Alvarado Diaz, LN

3rd place: Daniel Coeto Lopez, LNA

School Winner: Lord Stirling Community School

On Tuesday, June 9th, the 7th and 8th graders from across the district competed.

1st place: Daisy Valerio Bautista, LNA

2nd place: Adriel Gonzalez, LNA

3rd place: Mervyn Montesino Arellanes, LNA

School Winner: Lincoln Annex

Congratulations to all!

Staff Competition

On Monday, June 6th, the NBPS staff participated in a grueling Game 24 competition! Schools from around the district, as well as Central Office, participated in teams of four. After four rounds, the school that won was Roosevelt School comprised Principal Ciancia, Mary Louka, Julie Green and Latifa Bell. Congratulations, Roosevelt!

The competition continued to heat up when the last 16 individuals were battling it out, leaving Gregory Padrusch, Ingrid Caicedo, Radostina Velikova, and Cynthia Ruszczyk as the final four. A huge congratulations goes to Mr. Gregory Padrusch of Lincoln School as the 2022 Game 24 Staff Champion!

NJ Distinguished Cooperating Teacher Award

Teacher Ms. Kristen Cole-Smith from New Brunswick Middle School has been recognized as a Distinguished Cooperating Teacher for the state of New Jersey for her continued support and guidance towards her clinical intern, Ms. Angelice Oramas. Ms. Oramas has also been nominated as one of the top three candidates in their teacher preparation program as a Distingushed Clinical Intern! Both Ms. Cole Smith and Ms. Oramas will be honored at a virtual ceremony.

This annual awards program is a collaborative effort between the New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NJACTE) and the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) to publicly recognize the top graduates of New Jersey educator preparation programs alongside their cooperating teachers.

Congratulations on this huge honor to you both!

Spelling Bee!

On June 1st, the annual NBPS spelling bee took place in the McKinley Auditorium.

All fifth grade students in the district got the opportunity to compete for the championship. The students started in a classroom competition, then moved onto a school competition, and those winners headed into the district competition.

1st place: Monserrat Hernandez, PRCS

2nd place: Rafely Bonilla, WW

3rd place: Katey Martinez, RS

Congratulations, spellers!

Big picture

Pictured from left to right: Vice Principal Croker, the NBPS 2022 5th grade spelling bee champion, Monserrat Hernandez, Principal Robinson, and Reading Specialist Traci Hammond.

Big picture

Pictured from left to right: 3rd place winner, Katey Martinez, Principal Ciancia of Roosevelt School, 2nd place winner, Rafely Bonilla, Principal Smith of Woodrow Wilson, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Johnson, 1st place winner, Monserrat Hernandez, Principal Robinson of Paul Robeson Community School, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Ms. Hill

3rd Annual Treadway Challenge

On Friday, June 10th, the 3rd annual Treadway Challenge took place in the Lord Stirling Gymnasium. It was an extremely fun and exciting event! The defending champions, Red Raiders led by Superintendent Dr. Johnson kept their title and took home 1st place for the third time. Teams are comprised of administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, security guards, and students who are all on the various teams.

The Treadway Challenge supports the health and wellness initiative within NBPS. This challenge has students, staff, and administration participating together in various physical fitness team building activities.

These activities include; flexibility (sit and reach), hand/eye coordination (cup stacking), stamina/endurance (beep test), speed/agility (relay race/short shuttle), and strength (tug of war). They work on building community and sportsmanship as well as showcasing that their individual contributions no matter the size or age can make a positive impact for a team and the school community. There is also a spotlight on healthy eating as a teacher who is a former chef prepared a healthy snack for all students and staff to enjoy.

What a fun event that may be turning into a district-wide event soon! Keep your eye out!

Big picture

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