The fight for her life

By Yonatan.F

Imagine hiking 96 kilometers on an intense walking track over running water, narrow ridges and steep mountains. Now imagine doing that after being in a critical life or death situation, merely 6 months ago. Chloe went through this.

Chloe was an average Australian who was an excellent swimmer and had dreams of rerpresenting her country in the olympics. However Chloe was a victim of a fatal car accident. After being in a severe condition in hospital, doctors were unsure whether she'd survive. Thankfully however Chloe was recovering and after being released from hospital she joined many hospital workers in an intense hike on the kokoda Track to raise money for the hospital that saved her life. AFter several excruciating hours of hiking Chloe accomplished something that many could not complete in full health.

Now after finishing the grueling charity hike, Chloe wishes to continue her swimming dreams and will strive for the olympics.