Electron Configuration

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Steps to write electron configuration

First you have to identify how many electrons are in the atom, Like for example Oxygen has 8 electrons. Then you have to determine the principle energy level of the atom and n=2 for Oxygen and its also in the second period. You determine the number of sub levels so for Oxygen there are 5 potential sub levels. Now you use the table displayed below and all the electrons would add up to equal 8 (2+2+2+2=8). Finally you write the complete electron configuration and for Oxygen 8e- you would write 1s^2 ,2s^2 ,2p^2, 3s^2.

Orbital Notation

Steps to Draw an Orbital Notation

First you need to know s sub levels have 1 orbital, p sub levels have 3 orbitals, d sub levels have 5 orbitals, and f sub levels have 7 orbitals. You have to draw circles representing the corresponding number of orbitals. Then you will fill in electrons represented as arrows, you should know the hund's rule (school bus). Each circle gets one arrow before one gets two.