Culture of Eritrea

The people

Eritrea has a population of 4.4 million people and growing at a rate of 2.6%. 85% of Eriterans live in rual areas. Eritrea has no offical langunge. They all speak: Tigrinya, Arabic, and English. There are ony two main religions in Eritrea. Wich are Islam and Christianity.

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Eritrea like to greet people with a hand shake. Sometimes nudging your right sholder is comon with male villagers and fighters. Gest can be offered food when there come to ur home. They can also come with out invatation. There Adults and childeren usualy eat separately.
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Life Style

Most famlys arange most of the marriages. The Bride is often ten years yunger than the groom. Some famlies go to church parties very often. Some sports they play are soccer bicycle races, Hores shoes but ther play it with stones.
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