Prince Henry

By: Jayden O.

Early Life

Prince henry grew up in a infantry and was born in 1394. After many years he was adopted by the royal family. That is how he got his name and became prince. Many years later, he became the first person to travel around the tip of South America. He wanted to do this because of the goods and riches in the Arab sailing imports. A few years before, he started a sailing school for the people who lived in portugal. This was his first of many accomplishments, in which were very important for portugal at the time.


At this time he wanted to do something new with his life but had overcome many more things before he could do so. One thing he did was defeat the Aztecs to gain power and goods for his country. After he won the battle he gave his country a leading supply of goods and riches over other countries. He finally decided after many years that this time he was going to sail by himself with only a few man on a very little ship. After this he died on November 13, 1460,Sagres, Portugal. Nobody knows why he died, but he helped his country and became very well known throughout the world.

Navigation Tools

Their are many different tools now than there was in the past . Now we use comuters ,

GPS , Radar , and now we can also go into space. Back then they had to use a compass ,maps , and the only thing they could explore was earth.

Websites used

Great Explorers By: John Guy, Colin Hynson,and Roger Morriss

Explorers and traders by: dr. Anne Millard


Prince Henry the Navigator