Do you have Polio?

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What is Polio?

Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease. It is caused by the polio virus. The virus spreads from person to person and can invade an infected person’s brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis. Paralysis is when you can't move parts of your body.

What is the Pathogen?

The pathogen that causes Polio is the Polio virus.

Most people who get infected with Polio virus (about 72 out of 100) will not have any visible symptoms.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain

These symptoms usually last 2 to 5 days, then they go away.

How is it transmitted?

Poliovirus only infects humans. It is very contagious and spreads through person-to-person contact. The virus lives in an infected person’s throat and intestines. It enters the body through the mouth and spreads through contact with the feces of an infected person and through droplets from a sneeze or cough. You can get infected with Polio virus if you have feces on your hands and you touch your mouth. Also, you can get infected if you put in your mouth on objects like toys that are contaminated with feces.

How can it be prevented?

Polio vaccine protects children by preparing their bodies to fight the polio virus. Almost all children (99 children out of 100) who get all the recommended doses of vaccine will be protected from polio.