Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 12/2/2019

Glows and Grows

I will get back to Glows and Grows next newsletter. I wanted to send a thank you for being amazing. I really appreciate the "NO EMAIL" breaks. I stayed off email and only exchanged a few text messages related to accessing the building. I hope you enjoyed your break. I am ready to tackle these last three weeks and to finish strong in 2019. While 2019 saw tremendous growth as a school on all the "important markers", I didn't need to see that to know you are all doing the right work for our kids. Keep it up and let's grow some more!

Happy December!

Staff Meeting, 12/3

Remember our staff meeting is tomorrow @ 3:10 in the library. Please bring a device (iPad or phone preferred). I look forward to seeing everyone =)

District Student of the Month for CHE

Ranbeer Singh, 5th grade, is our District Student of the Month for December 2019. He will be recognized at the Governing Board Meeting on Thursday, December 12th starting at 6:00 PM. The recognitions take place right at the start and everyone is welcome to attend!

Attendance, Student and Staff/Reminder!

If you are concerned about a student who is missing school, reach out to the family or to Karen and we will work on making a contact with a family to chat through whatever is going on. Sometimes, a postcard or good news referral for a student missing school goes a long way.

Remember, I track school wide attendance here! One of the best things we can do to find success for our students is to celebrate their presence and to make sure we are the ones leading them each day! Thanks for your commitment.

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

12/2: School Reopens, Monday Admin Mtg @ 2:00

12/3: Staff meeting, mid-morning appt for Trotter

12/4: Trotter Off Campus until afternoon, School Site Council

12/6: 4/5 Honor Roll @ 8:30, Fire Drill

12/9: Healthy Kids Survey Window (5th grade), Ed Equity Visit, Elementary Level Admin Mtg

12/13: Annual Winter Event hosted by PTA, 5:00-8:00 PM, MPR

Staff Meeting Resources!--UPDATED this week

Slide deck for Small Group Instruction here!

November Staff Meeting

Update Slide Deck for Module 2

FIA Assessment here

Online Referral System (Use your google sign in to log-in)

MTSS Request for Assistance/SSTs

Request for Assistance. This form comes to me directly.

CH SST Form. This form goes to Sandi Fallon.

PBIS/MTSS Need to know. "

Donors Choose

Many of you put together some awesome "" requests. As a school, your work to gain donations to use for specific projects, supplies, activities, and furniture from the community is appreciated! A few things:

1. Please let me know if you have submitted a Donors Choose project. Send me the link and I will be sure to include it in my parent newsletter and on our Facebook page.

2. If the project includes furniture, it must be approved by our purchasing department. If you send me the specs ahead of time, I have no issue sending it to the appropriate staff for approval.

3. Send me any photos AFTER the arrival of the project and I will also include that in any parent newsletter/FB/IG post.

PTA Calendar, 2019-2020