By Jared Achuff


The Holocaust was a period of time when Adolf Hitler became "dictator" of Germany. A period of time when over 11 million people were persecuted and killed. Over half of those people were Jewish. The reason Hitler targeted Jews is because they were the tax collectors and easy targets.

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The Mauthausen was concentration camp in World War ll. This camp was the last site encountered by the United States military. Mauthausen was a small market town in upper Austria. Nazi regime classified as “asocials” from Dachau concentration camp to the Mauthausen site in order to begin construction of the new camp. In all the camps they would cut women's hair and made cloth and other materials. The Nazis would also rip the dentures and gold and sliver teeth for profit.


What was the biggest and most cruel concentration camp in the holocaust?

Auschwitz was the biggest camp in Germany at the time. They would do hundreds maybe even thousands of experiments on children and mentally ill. They didn't test every child mainly the sets of twins. The families would be separated and persecuted and most of the time killed.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. honors the 6 million Jews and millions of other victims of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during World War ll.


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