The Midwife's Apprentice

By Karen Cushman/Project due by Abigail Fiscu

Story Plot

Exposition: The story "The Midwifes Apprentice" takes place fourteenth century in a cold,wet,drafty,and dirty, village.Some of the characters are Alyce,Beetle,Jane,Brat,and Purr.In the story Brat finds a girl and sends her to Jane to work for food.Jane asked her "what is your name"the girl said "I don't know".Jane figured that she would name her Beetle.Jane would be nice to her ,but if she didn't do a good job Jane would be harsh on Beetle.....

Text Evidence: I found the setting on page:75

Rising Action: Jane sprained her ankle so that means Beetle had to take care of The Midwifes Apprentice.Beetle was in the village and she finds a cat and names it Purr.The boys started to tease her and make fun of her , and she lost her faith and ran away with Purr.........

Text Evidence: I found some of this passage on page:67-71

Climax: Beetle ran away and she stayed at a inn where she worked for Emma and John Dark. Beetle wanted a better name so she renamed herself Alyce. One stormy night Jane finds Beetle and says "Beetle" Alyce said that is not my name anymore so then Jane calls her Alyce.Jane asked her do you want to come back to the village,but a women arrived at the inn and had a baby on the way Alyce helps give birth......

Text Evidence: I found this on passage on page:72-81

Falling Action: When Jane saw Alyce help give birth to a woman at the inn and she was very impressed with what Alyce done. So Jane asked Alyce if she wanted to be a Midwife's Apprentice.......

Text Evidence: I found some of this passage on page:68-69

Donoument: Alyce was so excited to hear that. That she returned to the village ,and the boys started to tease her but she didn't care because she found who she really is.As she lived at the cottage she would take care of midwifes and help give birth to new born baby's.

Text Evidence: I found some of this passage on page:112-117


The theme of the book "The Midwife's Apprentice'' is when Alyce is losing her faith in herself and the boys in the village are teasing her and making fun of her, and that's where Jane comes in and stands up for her by saying don't listen to them and, she did and that made her feel so much better but in the end she finds who she really is and stands up for there self.


The conflict of the book "The Midwife's Apprentice" is man vs. self because the main character Alyce is struggling to find who she really is,but she is not really believing in her self so thats why she is losing her faith and having to build her faith.


The protagonist of my story is Brat because he is teasing Alyce because she is struggling to find who she really is and Brat is just making it worse,and Alyce is losing her faith in herself.The antagonist of my story is Jane because she is trying to help Alyce find who she really is.