GTC 2017!

April 20-22, 2017

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Hi TEAM! WE (Rochelle & Gina) are getting SO PUMPED for this! Congratulations on making the commitment & investment...we call GTC a MUST ATTEND event for a reason. It CAN & WILL change you and your business if you let it. You will NEVER regret the short term sacrifices you are making to attend. Whether it is the cost to come, the time away from your job, time away from your family...those WHYS are exactly why you need to be there. MAGIC happens when you focus on your dreams.

Consultants who attend GTC on average earn 35% - 40% MORE than those who choose to not attend. If you treat this like the business opportunity that it is, it will pay you like the business that it is.. And next year, if you use the tools that you learn at this conference and decide to make it happen - you will be there as an RVP or NVP. PROMISE.

Our NVP, Katie D, dragged her friend (RVP, Leah McLean) to GTC 5 years ago. They were wholesale buyers going to "check it out"...and look at them now! How awesome is that! So awesome, that I have a challenge for you. Can you ASK 3 more people to come with you…people LOVE Vegas. To them it means fun, togetherness, and letting go. Ask around! When you bring people, you CHANGE LIVES! You will be surprised at who says YES! Contact me directly with questions about how invitations sound.

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For those of you still making travel arrangements, try to come by 12noon on Thursday April 20th to catch the "early training" which is incredible this year. Don't fly out before Saturday night at 7:00pm. You paid for ALL of this, so you'll want to get your money's worth.


--Casual Chic for the daytime (comfortable).

--Your LIVE INSPIRED shirt for the team photo (we all wear those shirts Thursday night).

--Sweaters for air conditioning (think layers).
--Swimwear if you plan to stop by the pool (a little free time, but you could squeeze it in).
--Evening wear for Friday night (think simple dress).

--Yoga clothes (if you're attending the Saturday morning class).

*COMFORTABLE SHOES* - you walk A LOT. Bring Arbonne SeaSoak & foot creme for your feet to use at night. I carry a large enough tote to have comfortable walking flats with me. You don't want achy tootsies! (Learned this the hard way.)

  • OTHER:
--We want go-to foods, to keep cost down and avoid long lines. Bring fizz sticks/chews/protein shakes/bars. Shaker cups and a good water bottle too.

--There are no coffee-makers in the MGM rooms. The lines at Starbucks are INSANE and trying to wait in line will make you late to the events. Don't be late please - you invested too much to miss even one minute of all of the awesomeness! Skip the lines, bring mega Fizz!!!

--Your list of prospects and current PCs. Come prepared. You WILL want to call them!

--Your cell phone & charger - back-up battery for your phone.

--Tissues / antibacterial wipes.

--A sturdy notepad/pen or your tablet that you can write on easily on your lap. And your computer to send e-mails from your rooms at night.

--The ability to buy the new products - Thursday night the new products will be for sale. You will come to our room after the launch and we will order together. This year, the products will be shipped and may even be at your doorstep when you arrive home! Plan for $450 for the "I WANT IT ALL" set (and trust me, you want it ALL!). I usually purchase 3 IWIA sets - one to use, one to share and one or more to sell. As attendees we get a SIGNIFICANT discount over everyone else because we made the trip, AND we get EXTRA QV! QV is how we can PROMOTE or go into qualification for our next level in April, it is ALWAYS a HUGE month!

  • an IDEA:

--Bring samples of skin care and shampoo/conditioner to travel a bit lighter, and also to sample people on the plane and at the hotel (don't forget business cards!). The hotel will have a lot of guests that are not with Arbonne. I'm setting a goal this year to sign up a few!

  • a MUST:

--BRING YOURSELF...set aside the rest of your life for these few days. This time is for you, your business, and your team...even if that team is still in your future! You HAVE to fill up your heart and head with the right stuff to grow the business of your dreams. Not everyone there drives the white Mercedes yet...but everyone who drives Mercedes will be there!!


  • Download the GTC app on your phone for updates on what's happening.
  • We will have a Voxer group for our PG/Lynam Regions to stay connected.
  • Arbonne people love to take pics and you will be sharing them on your page to show people at home how amazing this company is...dress up, smile, and take lots of pics!
  • *Make SURE you have your badge from registration on you at ALL times - you will need it to get into everything, and also to purchase the products.*
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  1. Check in to your hotel
  2. Register with Arbonne
  3. Attend an early bird training
  4. Attend DeDom Nation's kick off reception
  5. Attend Product Launch
  6. Head to Rochelle & Gina's room for *after-party*

The Arbonne Experience and Arbonne Boutique open all day. WAIT to purchase at the Boutique since these purchases do not give you QV. Better to spend on the NEW PRODUCTS that you want, that you NEED for your business, and that give you QV toward your promotion.

Early Bird training: there are 2 of these that are exactly the same. Which one you attend will depend on which one you are assigned's based on when you register.

Product Launch KICK-OFF Reception hosted by our NVP! You're INVITED!! Before kick off our Nation will gather for a champagne toast and a group photo (wear your t-shirt). So fun to start the weekend together as a group!! We will use VOXER to communicate when/where to be! AND...we will have burritos for everyone! Thank you to Katie for this super fun KICK-OFF EVENT!!

Doors to the Product Launch will open around 5:30. New Product Launch from 7-9pm. After the Launch, WE GET TO BUY THE NEW STUFF!! Join us back in our room to order together! Products will ship it to your door at home so you don't have to carry it, so awesome!! We will keep you posted on more details. We're planning a very special night!


Morning General Session...we have SO MANY Successline VPs that are on stage training this year. I'm so proud to be on our family tree!! They'll share WHAT WE NEED to SUCCEED!

Lunch on Friday will be delivered to Rochelle & Gina's room from Panera. We've prepaid it...please bring $10 to cover your lunch that day, thank you. We're hoping this makes your first day so much easier. It's so fun to hang, get excited, & recap inspiring stories!

Afternoon Session...Level Specific Training. One of my favorite parts last year! Great stuff!

Evening - GRAND AWARDS!! An inspiring night of Arbonne star gazing! We have SO MANY receiving awards this year and walking the stage!! YOU'LL be ON THAT STAGE next year!


Morning General Session...we'll all meet at the Grand Arena in the morning at our seats.

Lunch...We've got options. a) You can hit the pool. b) You can take some time to walk around and soak up Vegas. c) You can sit down and eat like some of us did last year. If you're opting for "c"...I made a reservation at Tom's Urban restaurant following the morning session (It's across the street...New York, New York hotel.)

Afternoon General Session. Ends between 4:30-5pm.

You are free to leave after this event. Rochelle & Gina will be attending the Pure Vibe Celebration Saturday night. This party is for NEW AMs, RVPs, & NVPs! Next year, we want nothing more than to take you all too! Every single one of us can be there next year...TOGETHER! Don't just tell yourself it's possible...believe it with your entire being...YOU ARE GOING TO THE PURE VIBE PARTY NEXT YEAR!! You can absolutely do it! Own it! Know it! VISUALIZE being there next year!!

Saturday Night or Sunday

Head home and PUT IT ALL INTO PRACTICE! If you made the investment to come to GTC, you owe it to yourself and your family to come back next a whole nother level with your business!

Plane ride home=action plan to walk stage next year. We believe in you.



Rochelle & Gina

Arbonne: GTC 2016 Pure Vibe Celebration

Specific times here. Click on the agendas below.