Political Cartoons Analysis

Meghan Covert and Shannon Spirit

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National Security Blanket

Date: May 27, 1973

Subject: President Nixon hiding from his problems and responsibilities.

Context: The political corruption during Nixon's term as president.


  • Symbolism: Nixon hiding behind the flag is symbolic of him using his job as an excuse. The files and other items were associated with the corruption.
  • Exaggeration: His features were exaggerated for recognition and the room was cluttered with problems.
  • Labeling: All the different parts portraying his corruption were clearly labeled.
  • Analogy: Nixon hiding behind the flag like a security blanket.
  • Irony: Him seeking the protection of his country after corrupting it.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the cartoon was To reveal Nixon's scams and show what a coward he was.

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"Light! More Light!" - Goethe's Last Words

Date: 1933

Subject: The negative effect of the Nazis on German civilization.

Context: It was created as the Nazis were about to take full control of Germany and start WWII.


  • Symbolism: The Nazi's hat smothering the flame like how to Nazis were smothering German culture.
  • Exaggeration: The flame of German civilization being completely out is an exaggeration, as it wasn't completely put out, just not as prominent as it was before the Nazi's.
  • Labeling: The artist labeled the Nazi hat and the candle as German civilization.
  • Analogy: The effect the hat had on the flame was similar to the effect the Nazi's effect on German civilization.
  • Purpose: The reason the artist created the cartoon was the express the effect the Nazi's has on Germany.

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No Foreign Entanglements

Date: 1935

Subject: The commercial trade interests of America.

Context: After WWI, the USA emerged as a World Power.


  • Symbolism: The ships all over the world represent America's power as the only country involved in WWI not destroyed and the size of the America in relation to the other countries.
  • Exaggeration: The size of the senate and American flags are exaggerated.
  • Labeling: The US senate and the American commercial interests are labeled.
  • Analogy: The expansion of America to the rest if the world.
  • Purpose: To show the US expansion in comparison to the rest of the world.