Revealed: Forensic Science Methods

Forensic scientists reveal their trade secrets & techniques

Forensics: Vital Information

Forensic Science: What is it?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigators. This popular American crime drama television series is Forensic Scientists in a nutshell, forgetting all the Hollywood glamour.

As CSI shows, forensic science (commonly known as forensics) is the application of different scientific and technologic methods to investigate and establish resolving facts in relation to crimes.

But as CSI 'conveniently' forgets, forensic scientists do not interview witnesses, carry guns or arrest suspects and murderers -- that is the detective's work. Forensic scientists simply investigate and test evidence that was found at the crime scene to allow the police to form a hypothesis on exactly what happened and who committed the crime. Forensics helps solve questions such as how fast a car was travelling on impact, the concentration of alcohol or other toxins present in a person's blood, and when and why a death occurred.

In its basic form, forensics is the science behind the solving of the crime -- nothing more, nothing less.

Forensic Scientists: What do they do?

Forensic scientists arrive at a crime scene, and immediately commence photographing and recording all the evidence, being careful to avoid touching anything.

After recording -- which takes a few hours -- forensic scientist collect the evidence at the scene of crime and take it to their scientific laboratories.

At the science labs, forensic scientists test and apply scientific and technological techniques to formulate deciding evidence that can be used by police to solve a crime and lawyers to support their cases in court.

Forensic Science Methods: An Interview with Forensic Scientists

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Taking Footptrints

To compare footprints to the soles of the shoes of suspects, forensic scientists make a cast of the footprint with Plaster of Paris, as is shown above.