Raise the Minimum Wage in Atlanta

$7.25 is not a living wage!

The Current Situation

The current federally mandated minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. There are two hundred thousand hard working Georgians who currently are expected to live off of that meager amount of money. The minimum wage should be adjusted to better reflect the minimum cost of living in Atlanta (see below).

Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage

As reported in a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a living wage in the city of Atlanta is $10.10 per hour for one adult. The minimum wage is almost $3 less per hour! Raising the minimum wage to this level will have a minimal impact on companies, but have a huge impact on the workers.

How Can You Help?

Using the information below, contact the mayor of Atlanta himself, Kasim Reed, and tell him about the problem. Also, you can click the website link to go to Change.org and sign a petition that will be sent to Kasim Reed.