by Aidan Palmerton

About Saturn

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system next to Jupiter. It is the 6th planet away from the sun and is named after the roman god of agriculture. The planet also has about 52 moons total. It is an extroidinary planet and i will tell you more about it in this flyer.

God of Agriculture

Saturn, also known as Chronus, is the ancient Roman religion and myth god of agriculture. He is seen in many statues and paintings showing him eating a child. He is why we named the planet Saturn.
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Moons of Saturn

Like I said Saturn has at least 52 different moons. All in different shapes and sizes and some smaller and some larger. I can name some of them now. Titan, Mimas, Pan, and Pandora. Click the button below for more.



Saturn is the 6th planet away from the moon. It is the second biggest planet in our solar system besides Jupiter. It has rings surrounding it unlike a lot of other planets. The rings are mostly made of ice, and the other part is rocks and minerals. It has 3 main rings then there is smaller ones in between them. Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus are our "gas giants" because they are mostly made up of gases. I hope that you will look into Saturn more to learn more that i did not mention. THANK YOU.