Internet Safety

Learn How To Stay Safe One The Internet

The internet may not be what you think

The internet can be a great way to get information, help with schoolwork, and connect with friends and family. But is is not all what is seams... A person can be anyone they want on the internet, and many of these people have not-so-friendly intentions. Not taking the proper safety precautions can result in losing valuable personal data, resulting in identity theft, or being stalked online, or in person. Be careful who you talk to!
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Social media and safety

Social media is an ever-growing thing to do on the internet. Social media allows you to connect with people online, and is increasingly becoming an unsafe environment for young people, young kids and teens alike. People pretend to be someone they aren't, and may be looking for personal information, or to do harm to you or others. A few ways to avoid contact with these types of people are:

  • Only add people you know on social media sites
  • Set security settings so that only your friends can view your profile and information, and you must agree to any posting someone does involving you.
  • Use nicknames for usernames instead of your real name
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Password Safety

Passwords are used to secure accounts and keep private information private.

Ways to make sure your passwords are secure:

  • don't use the same password for everything
  • make passwords unique
  • use symbols, numbers, and capital letters within passwords
  • tell your parents your passwords
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Internet Statistics

Percentage of People who have had online accounts broken into

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Internet Usage by age groups

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Internet Usage by Region

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