Digital Reputation 💻

Created by Phillip Harvey and Kye Yamauchi

Digital Reputation

Your Digital Reputation is judged upon your behaviour online when your posting. Your Digital Reputation can be affected by tagged photos, comments, social networks and videos you post on networks. If you don't protect your Digital Reputation, it can effect your relationships and even future jobs. Remember, when you put things up, it will take a long time to delete. They could be on the web forever!

Protecting Your Reputation

Before you post, consider if it is appropriate and ask yourself 'Will it hurt someone's feeling, what will happen after I post this and will it ruin my digital reputation?' Also make sure you change passwords regularly so no-one can pose as you. If you have any other accounts, make sure you monitor them at all times.


Try everything to not get into any online arguments because this is another way that you can ruin your digital reputation. If you get negative comments, do not answer back negatively. This could cause a big online argument and comments could turn nasty.