Princess Diaries

Book vs. Movie

Which is better? Book or Movie?

Most people know the story, Princess Diaries, because of the wonderful movie. Although its a great movie, the book is even better. The book allows readers to imagine and picture descriptions and events without them being shown to them such as in a movie. Allowing a reader to have their own way of seeing things almost puts them in control of part of the book. So in princess diaries, the book, I was able to decide how I thought the grandma and other characters looked and acted. Having that control to have your own thoughts is way the book is so much better.

How the Book Depicted the Theme

A primary theme in the book is about relationships. The author talks a lot about friendships that Mia had. It talks about her friends before she knew she was a princess and friends she had after she knew she was a princess. she also had romantic relationships and family relationships that each showed little messages. Theme was mainly shared through the relationships with Mia.

Realtionship Between the Characters in the Book and the Movie

The characters relationships in the movie had adapted to the ones in the book by expressing the same attitude and personality from the book to in the movie. for example. Lilly was still sassy and Mia was still clueless and forgetful at times.

How the Movie Adapted to the Theme of the Book

The theme was adapted in the movie the same way it was expressed in the book; through the relationships of the characters.

Protagonist in the Book and the Movie

The protagonist, Mia, is shown very similar in the book and the movie. She is shown as this teenager who still wants to be a kid and not have to deal with the roles of a princess

She wants to have a boyfriend and see her friends instead of staying in a castle far away from her best friends. Although along the way in her journey she learns a lot and matures along the way, kind of.