Cedar Reader

September 4, 2017

Welcome back Timberwolves

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Cedar Park Middle School. We are excited for all our students to arrive next week and begin a fun, enriching year. The summer has been very busy at the school building, as we were closed for several weeks while they installed a new transformer to support our air conditioning system. Having air has made a huge difference in the building, and it will make students much more comfortable in the classrooms.

Cedar Park teachers returned on Monday, August 29th after a long summer that kept them away from the building. They have been working tirelessly all week getting their rooms cleaned and ready for students.

We look forward to greeting the 6th graders on Tuesday, September 5th and all students on Wednesday, September 6th. Please remember that 6th graders are asked to NOT bring anything to school on Tuesday. They can begin bringing supplies on Wednesday. For bell schedules and other important school information, please check out our school website at www.beaverton.k12.or.us/schools/cedar-park.

First day for 6th graders

Tuesday, Sep. 5th, 9am

11100 Southwest Park Way

Portland, OR

Please DO NOT bring any supplies or backpacks to school. Just bring your smiles and excitement.

Keep Cedar Park Awesome! 2017 School Fundraiser

This year's single schoolwide fundraiser - The 2nd Annual Keep Cedar Park Awesome! School Run - will be held on Friday, September 29th, and it will involve every Cedar Park student.

Lat year's fundraiser was such a huge success that this year the PTC has set a goal to earn $50K! We can do it, but we need your help.

Beginning Friday, September 8th (yes, that's the first week of school), we'll have weekly raffles for different actions driving participation through First Giving:

  • Friday, Sep 8 - anyone who has set up a FirstGiving page - prize: Blazer tickets
  • Friday, Sep 15 - for every unique donor, you get 1 entry into raffle - prize: TopGolf giftcard
  • Friday, Sep 22 - for every $50 worth of donations, 1 entry - prize: Timbers tickets

How do you set up a First Giving page? The directions are included in your student's 5K packet, or you can visit this website to donate, join a team or set up your own page. Giving has already begun.

What does the money support? Money raised supports several embedded activities each year, including: after school programs, field trips, 8th grade trip to OSU, 6th grade Outdoor School, 7th grade Engineering experience; team projects and parties, and ongoing school technology needs. In addition, we are targeting a few special projects for support:

  • Engineering Lab - help Cedar Park develop and supply the first and only middle school engineering lab. This lab will allow any teacher or class access to technology and design tools to develop engaging and creative projects like this one featured on the district website. Estimated cost: $10K
  • Library update - help Cedar Park update our school library so that it's technology and digital-student friendly. We need to purchase furniture that invites and supports student collaboration and technology engagement. We need tables with electrical outlets, whiteboard tables, glass-enclosed study areas, and much more. Estimated cost: $20K

Your support and participation are key to this fundraising effort. Last year, we were able to raise $40K, so we know that our goal this year is possible. Cedar Park is a great school, and we want to keep it that way. Our kids and our school community need your help, so please go online and register today.

Back To School Night

Tuesday, Sep. 19th, 6-7:30pm

11100 Southwest Park Way

Portland, OR

Health preview begins at 5:30 pm

Advisory gets a reboot

One of the best ways to help kids feel connected to school and improve their engagement and achievement is having a close connection to at least one adult at school. One of our goals this year is to help foster that connection through the advisory program. We have expanded the number of classes, so that every teacher has a section, and we have mixed grade levels so that the students will stay with their advisory teacher for all three years. Most of the students have an advisory teacher that is not connected to their actual schedule, so that we can maintain that relationship throughout the 3 years they are at Cedar Park.

In addition, the focus of advisory will change throughout the month. The focus themes are Connecting with Kids, Academic Support, MYP Learner Profile / Community Service, WEB Activities / School Activities. We hope students will find this new format more relevant and supportive of their emotional/social/academic needs.

Early Release begins September 13th

The Beaverton School District and the Beaverton Education Association (BEA) ratified a new contract for 2016-2019. The agreement provides students with more full weeks of school and improves overall continuity for learning. Another important element of the agreement is providing teacher collaboration and professional development time to address gaps in student achievement and improve teacher practice. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the District will implement a 90-minute early release on Wednesday afternoons to allow teachers time to collaborate and participate in professional development opportunities.

Please visit the district Early Release webpage for FAQs and other important information.