The Great Depression

Herbert Hoover

was the president of the u.s from 1923-1933 leader of the us in the beginning of the great depression. he didn't want the gov involved in the peoples lives and thought that the people should express their individual rights.

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Franklin Roosevelt - FDR

Franklin Roosevelt - FDR

a democrat who became united states president in 1933; his program to alleviate the problems of the great depression became known as the "new deal" and he remained president through WWII.

New Deal

series of new laws and programs introduced by president Roosevelt during depression to create jobs and improve the economy. things like P.W.A. and W.P.A.

Dust Bowl

period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies during the 1930s, severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion (the Aeolian processes) caused the phenomenon.

New Deal In Texas

· The New Deal created programs for farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents.
· In one program, rural people formed cooperatives that borrowed money from the government to pay for electrification.
· The government paid farmers to destroy crops in an attempt to drive up prices.
· Dams were constructed on the Colorado River for electricity, flood control, and water for rice farmers.
· New Deal programs tried to slow down soil erosion to help farmers in the Dust Bowl regions.
· Alternately planting strips of wheat and grain sorghum protected the topsoil from being blown away.
· Farmers plowed at right angles to the wind.
· The federal government paid farmers to plant trees as windbreaks, and by 1938, sand dunes around Dalhart were gone.
· The federal government encouraged cotton farmers to fill up gullies with brush to slow water flow downhill and to use contour plowing.
· They were paid to plant crops such as clover to enhance the soil.

Farmers and Miners

Farmers- Because of failure to pay their mortgages, farm families lost their respective farms to banks. Landowners expelled sharecroppers and tenant farmers in the South. Farmers dumped thousands of gallons of milk and destroyed their crops as part of the protest against the low prices that cut their income.

Miners-while wage cuts and layoffs plagued the mining industries.

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