Mrs. Nelson is Here!

4th Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Reminders :)

Art Show- 4/9 @5 p.m.

Dollar Dress Up Day- 4/10 BAREFOOT :) (In class only)

Birthday Celebration MOVED to APRIL 23!!!

Austin Field Trip Meeting for Parents- 4/16 @ 2:00 p.m.

(Permission slips for this trip will be sent home soon!!)

Variety Show- 5/7

Permission Slips Due- 4/20

Screening - 4/27 and 4/28

Dress Rehearsal-5/4

No Choir in May


Next week we will be starting STAAR CAMP to help prepare the ducklings to "Rock-it" through the STAAR!!! This will be a fun week with LOTS of review activities to make sure EVERYTHING is fresh on their minds!!!


We will be reviewing the following readiness standards in class next week! There will be a homework page for the week with one STAAR like question over each of those standards!

  • 4.2B Represent the value of digits through 1,000,000,000 using expanded notation and numerals

  • 4.2G Relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths

  • 4.3D Compare and order fractions and represent the comparison with >,<, or =

  • 4.3E Solve addition and subtraction of fractions with equal denominators

  • 4.4A Add/subtract decimals to hundredths place using standard algorithm

  • 4.4H Solve with fluency one and two-step problems involving multiplication and division, including remainders

  • 4.5A Represent multi-step problems using strip diagrams and equations

  • 4.5B Represent problems using a table to generate a number pattern that represents the relationship of the values in the sequence

  • 4.5D Solve problems related to perimeter and area

  • 4.6D Classify two dimensional figures based on parallel or perpendicular lines and angle measures

  • 4.7C Determine the approximate measure of angles using a protractor

  • 4.8C Solve problems that deal with measurements (length, time, volume, mass, money)

  • 4.9A Represent data on a table, dot plot or stem-and-leaf plot (whole numbers and fractions)

I will also be passing back all their previous Test so they can see their improvement throughout the year!

Just a few reminders about station work!

  • Almost all station work is completed with partners so it is not always graded
  • Their blue station sheet should have what they completed each time we did stations
  • Station grades (gold page) are divided into a self grade (which the student completes) and a teacher grade based on the expectations for stations.

We will begin to code our work with the following symbols

  • SG -> Work completed at the small group table with Mrs. Nelson (this is usually stamped and returned before the rest of the station work)
  • P-> Work completed with partners during stations
  • I -> Work completed individually during stations (We will have very few pages that come back coded this way since we encourage the students to work together and use their math talk during stations)

Help Wanted :)

I have had several parents ask what they can send to help our ducklings be successful...So unofficially, here are a few things we could use in our class :)

  • Pencils

  • GLUE STICKS!!!! We are almost completely out of glue sticks and use them several times a week to add things to our Math and Science journals!

Thanks for all you do to help your children be successful!!!

Upcoming Events!!!

Thursday, April 9th

  • Financial Literacy Test

Friday, April 10th

  • Dollar Dress Up Day - Barefoot in class :)

Wednesday, April 15

  • Half Day

Tuesday, April 21

  • STAAR Math

Wednesday, April 22

  • STAAR Reading

Thursday, April 23

  • Growth and Development

Friday, May 1st

  • Austin Field Trip!!!

Mrs. Nelson

Please note that my email is (not lnelson)

Thanks for all you do to make your children successful!!!