What's Happening in 5th Grade


Students will read fiction text and describe how the character changes throughout the story and the plot of the story. Students will also be reading nonfiction text to find the main idea and supporting details.


Students will round numbers to the nearest thousandth and determine the probability of a sample space. We will compare and order decimals and fractions.

Social Studies

We will learn about the features, resources, and states of the Northeast and Southeast. We will also compose letters from the point of view of immigrants fighting for working rights.


We will begin working on composing more powerful personal narrative stories using strategies we have previously learned as well as strategies we will be learning.


We are looking inside the earth to learn how plate tectonics affect the earth’s crust, and the stages and products of the rock cycle. We are also reviewing 4th grade’s Natural Resources through our project presentations!


Students will begin the D.A.R.E. program. Our first D.A.R.E. date s October 21. Please remind your child to charge their laptops every night. So far, the students have been doing a wonderful job with laptops. Thank you to the parents that attended Back-to-School Night. Conferences will be held at the end of October and November. Please be looking for information to sign-up on ParentVue. Our Epic Build is on October 21st. Be on the lookout for additional details.

September & October Birthdays

September: Daniel 9/11, Ishaan 9/25, Tommy 9/27, Natalie 9/30

October: Cora 10/8, William 10/8, Elias 10/10, Preston 10/12, Arianna 10/14, Sean 10,17, Brandon 10/18, Soe 10/21, Ruth 10/27, Eric 10/27, Karla 10/27