Background Information

Did you know that the capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. Some other major cities are Freeport and Matthewtown.


Before their independence they were ruled by Britain. They got their independence on July 10, 1973. Now they are not controlled by another country. Their official

Geographical Information

The Bahamas is located southeast of Florida. Three physical features are, Mount Alvernia, islands, and Kemp's Bay.

Political and Diplomacy information

They have a democratic government and ruled by Queen Elizibeth II. They are in good terms with other countries because they have a widespread of import and export.

Economic and Trade Information

Their currency is a Bahamian Dollar and they have a capitalism economic system. They import machinery and transport equipment, manufactures, chemicals, mineral fuels, food, and live animals. They get these from the US, India, Singapore, South Korea, China, Colombia, and Canada. They export crawfish, aragonite, crude salt, and polystyrene products. They give these thing to the US, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Switzerland, and China.

Why you should visit!

Beautiful Beaches
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Wonderful Dining
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What to do

You should go scuba diving, swimming in the beach, and boating.