Chief Illiniwek

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Personal Bio

  • He's been mascot since 1926 to February 21, 2007
  • To some people he is a symbol to others he is a race-based mascot that has to go
  • He was not based on the actual American Indian chief
  • Most of the schools refused to allow Chief Illiniwek to perform at the games because it was offensive


  • Hes been mascot for more eighty years


I think that he should still be the mascot for Illinois, because it was a tradition for the Illinois people and for some people it would be hard to let go of the tradition. Also because he was mascot for more thank eighty years and it wouldn't make a difference to let go of the mascot now and it might be a little to late.


  • Nut, your advice about moving to Iowa was on the money, although most people have been nice...even when I wear mu Illllini gear