Hapara Interact Is Now Highlights

This completely new design offers many great features.

With new features like focused browsing you can lock a student, group or the whole class into a particular website(s) or page(s).

When a Focused Browsing session is active, students can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs or browse to new sites or URLs.

Powerful new features:

Powerful new features:

  • Real-time activity feeds. Highlights’ automatic activity refresh is configurable: from near-real-time feeds to infrequent feeds
  • Focused browsing. Restrict a student to specific website(s) or URL(s) for a set period of time
  • Multiple tab opening. Open up to 5 tabs at a time for your student(s)
  • Send message. Send a message to student(s) and have it pop up in their browser.
  • Flexibility of use. Focus Browsing, Open Tabs and Send Message can be applied to one/several students, one/several groups or an entire class.
  • Activity Viewer. See a summary of your entire class activity at a glance
  • Snaps. Capture student browsing activity (meta data and screenshot) at any point in time to explore/investigate it at a later stage
  • Close tabs. Close your students tabs remotely from your screen
  • Save screenshot. Download and save a student's screenshot directly from the Current Screens view
  • Groups & group filtering. Create and edit groups directly from Highlights. You can also filter Highlights to only view some of your group activities
  • Translation. Switch the Hapara Highlights product to French

Powerful support features:

  • Improved diagnostics. Teachers and Admins can accurately diagnose the student's activity with more detailed information on the student's current state. You can flag individual students with connectivity issues, by simply clicking on the student tiles
  • Connectivity issue notification. Notification and priority sorting for student panels where students’ online activity cannot be seen
  • Built-in student viewing issue resolution. Ability to identify and solve viewing issues when a student is logged in several devices at a time. And also when several students are logged onto the same device.